Foreign Minister accuses Texas Governor of blackmail

The Foreign Minister has accused the Governor of Texas of forcing him to negotiate with the Governor of Mexico. The Governor of Mexico wanted US authorities to lift the strict border crossing of vehicles.

The vehicle inspection program was introduced by Governor Greg Abbott on the nearly 2,000 km border with Mexico in Texas. This is to allow authorities to carry out more thorough checks to detect drugs and immigrants who are illegally entering the United States.

All commercial vehicles crossing the border into Texas are checked and Causes a line of 24 to 30 hours When Generates at least 1 billion pesos loss in Tamaulipas (US $ 50.1 million) In a week, according to a comprehensive group of corporate organizations.

Foreign Minister Marcelo Evrad said Abbott tried to intimidate the governor instead of looking for a compromise. “It’s blackmail. It closes the border and forces you to sign whatever I say. It’s not an agreement. An agreement is when you and I agree on something,” he said. Told.

“The immigration issue is not a Mexican issue,” Evlad added, adding that the resolution of immigration issues depends on the decision of the US authorities.

Governor Nuevo Leon, Governor Samuel Garcia, Governor of Tamaulipas, Governor of Coahuila, and Governor of Chihuahua have individually negotiated with Abbott to lift the restrictions.

Garcia has promised to set up a movement checkpoint and start patrols 14km from the border before the vehicle reaches the border. After the agreement was signed, traffic flow between Nuevo Leon and Texas was restored.

Ebrald said he respected the governor’s decision to comply with Abbott’s request, but could not take the same approach.

“I don’t judge. I think the governor has to do what he can. They had no alternative, but I’m not going to allow the governor to blackmail Mexico. I never allow it. I don’t, “he said.

Evrad added that Abbott’s actions should be partly due to his re-election campaign.

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, bilateral trade between Mexico and Texas will be worth US $ 177.8 billion in 2020, and the two countries will benefit almost equally from cross-border exchanges.

In the report from Mirenio Foreign Minister accuses Texas Governor of blackmail

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