Foreign Minister says maintenance and repair of government assets in Washington DC and London

This Foreign Minister.Fredrick Mitchell

Nassau, Bahamas – Real estate owned by the Bahamas government in Washington, DC and London is expected to undergo the necessary maintenance. Book. Fred Mitchell, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Public Services, has informed MPs of June 2, 2022, about his contribution to the budget debate in 2022/2023.

“We will complete the work started by our predecessor for properties owned in Washington, DC and London. The building will require significant maintenance. Repairs will cost $ 6 million. [Washington] building. It is currently abandoned for two years. Estimates have been made, but the valuable real estate building on Massachusetts Avenue, Embassy Road in the United States, has only been vacant for two years.

“I’m convinced that the shortages in the supply chain are pushing up all costs. It’s shivering when you think about what the costs really are, but buildings are simply a waste of assets. No. It needs to be repaired. Similarly, the building in London requires a lot of work. Like the building called Bahama House in New York in Harlem, I’m looking forward to starting it. In 1937. Purchased by a Bahamian living in New York.
“A building worth about $ 2 million is also a wasteful asset. There is a tax problem with the building. We need to work on that building as well, so we asked the Consul General to solve the problem. “

Minister Mitchell advised that a task force was implemented to address the issue of career path and dissatisfaction between staff.

“There is considerable dissatisfaction among Foreign Ministry officials about the fact that much of their careers are on hold. Some people have been working for eight or twelve years — no promotion. Some of them. Ka is still a cadet or cadet trainee and has been sitting in this rank for many years.

“We have issued a diplomat order to separate the diplomat from general public services. For four and a half years, nothing happened to these orders, so the careers of these people have been put on hold. Our predecessor decided to use a good contractual job because you can jump over diplomat rules regarding payments. It actually sets people’s career paths. It’s not a thing.

“We are currently setting up a task force led by Ambassador Chet Namore with other officials in the province to solve the problem so that people can resume their career paths. This eases tensions in this regard. I hope to do something.

“A kind of fault line has been built between those who were historically there and those who came and posted last year. Hopefully we’ll solve it. The Vice-Minister of Secretary Rhoda is back.・ Jackson will work with the Secretary-General. “

He thanked all the diplomats for the work of “Yeoman” by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He also acknowledged Vice-Minister Donella Body and her team for helping with “personal” issues. “Their support is clear from the Bahamian government for the work they are doing.”

In addition, Minister Mitchell emphasized that the ministry plans to increase employment and open consulates in Toronto, Los Angeles, Dubai, Jamaica, Trinidad and Panama. Foreign Minister says maintenance and repair of government assets in Washington DC and London

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