Foreign Slovenian Ministers Meet the Austrian Community

Klagenfurt-Slovenian Foreign Minister Matei Archon visited Klagenfurt on Wednesday for the first official visit to the Austrian Slovenian community as Minister. After meeting with representatives of key communities, Archon emphasized the importance of regular dialogue and thanked the dedication of various organizations.

Arčon met with Valentin Inzko, the National Council of Slovenes in Carinthia, Marjan Sturm, the Slovenian Organization Association in Carinthia, and Heribert Kulmesch, the Slovenian community in Carinthia.

He was accompanied by Consul General Besna Humar, Secretary of State of Klagenfurt Anton Novak, who hosted the meeting at the Consulate.

Archon also touched on Nova Gorica’s European Capital of Culture 2025 and expressed his hope that the Austrian Slovenian community would participate in a project focused on cross-border cooperation and the lives of minority communities.

Community representatives presented him with the challenges and problems they face, especially with regard to bilingual education and the use of bilingual place name symbols in the state of Carincia.

The meeting agreed that a task force should be formed to meet regularly to meet well-defined objectives to improve the situation of Austrian Slovenes. Foreign Slovenian Ministers Meet the Austrian Community

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