Forest Fires in Afghanistan: Fires that rage for more than 10 days in the uncontained Nurgram district

Kabul, June 5: According to local media, Afghanistan’s Ministry of Disaster Management is unable to extinguish a fire that broke out in the forests of the Nuristan district of Nuristan 10 days ago.

Firefighters were dispatched to the area to contain the situation, but to no avail, according to Mullah Janan Sayq, head of the State Department of Disaster Management’s Emergency Operations Center. The reason firefighters were unable to extinguish the fire was the lack of advanced equipment.

“We tried to put out the fire and sent firefighters. The Islamic Emirate cannot because the fire is in the mountains. Vehicles can’t go there. We called the chopper, but I I don’t think choppers can do that either. “

Mr. Syke said he would ask neighboring countries for help in extinguishing the fire as needed. “We try to overcome the fire. If it’s not possible, we’ll ask our neighbors for help,” said Mullah Janan Sayq, Head of Emergency Operations Center at the State Department of Disaster Management. A wildfire in Pakistan killed four family members.

The cause of the fire is still unknown. In addition, officials said 185 acres of land were burned to ashes as a result of the incident. “The flames are big and the wind is blowing. The mountains with forests bring income to the locals,” said one of the residents.

Meanwhile, according to economic experts, the fire has a negative impact on the health of the people in the area, according to the press. A fire that has been burning for more than 10 days in the Nurgram district has caused another incident in the Chapadara district of Kunar province in the country. This is because the Chapa district is on the border with the Nurgram district.

This was also confirmed on Saturday by Mawlawi Najibullah Hanif, Taliban Director of Information and Culture. He told the media that the fires in the Dikal area of ​​the Chapadara district had started two days ago and efforts are being made to put them out.

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