Former Agriculture Minister strips parliamentary immunity – Romanian Journal

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The plenary session of the House of Representatives adopted a decision on Tuesday to lift the exemption of PSD Deputy Adrian Chesnoiu, with 251 votes “agree” and 25 “disagree”. 2 votes have been invalidated.

On Tuesday, former Agriculture Minister Adrian Chesnoiu asked lawmakers to vote to lift his parliamentary immunity and thanked his party colleagues for their support.

He publicly announced that he would vote to lift his immunity and reaffirmed that he was not committing a crime. “Dear colleagues, when we don’t want any of you to be, I have received a lot of messages of encouragement from you and from thousands of Romanians and Romanian peasants. Thank you. (…) The people I talked to and many asked me not to resign from the minister or waive the congressional immunity, but I’m getting used to it every time. So a person with dignity and honor“, Chesnoiu told the plenary session.

He said he had decided to resign from the ministerial post and withdraw from PSD as soon as he learned that the media had raised certain allegations against him. “”I ask all colleagues in all parliamentary groups, each of you, to vote to approve the criminal charge request made against me. I have fulfilled my obligations to the people and institutions I have worked for for the rest of my life. I always obeyed the law and accepted the ministerial post at a very complex time with the desire to do something good for Romanians and Romanian agriculture.“The former minister said.

(…) I’m not a supporter of justice on television. I have not committed corruption or any other criminal activity. I am innocent and at the end and prove it with the elimination of allegations floating above me. The former minister has underlined.

About a week ago, The National Security Agency (DNA) has requested the Legislative Chamber to lift the immunity from Adrian Chesnoiu. Ortho and the Minister of Agriculture’s PSD deputy accused of abuse of authority by prosecutors on suspicion of misconduct in several employment contests. Former Agriculture Minister strips parliamentary immunity – Romanian Journal

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