Former Minister asks why the murder conviction was in a work release

The day after a prisoner working at a gas station was shot dead, former National Security Minister Marvin Dames said the government allowed prisoners “just standing up for murder” to join the Bahama Correctional Bureau. A working release scheme for Services (BDOCS) that states that it needs to be investigated.

The prisoner was identified as Timothy Sanders, who had served for 18 years at BDOCS for his role in triple shooting, which killed three people, including a pregnant woman, in July 2011.

Sanders was working at the Rubis gas station on McKee Street when approached by a shooter who shot him many times before escaping on Monday morning.

“I can’t talk to that individual,” said Dames when asked about Sanders being allowed to participate in the program given the nature of his crimes.

“Obviously, if what you’re telling me is true, it needs to be clearly investigated and they need to know how someone who just stood up for the murder stood up. -They must not be the right and right person working release scheme.

“Now, if you’re talking about someone who would have been serving for 30 or 35 years or so and they’re about to be released, that’s possible.”

Mr. Dames said the work program was for “worthy” prisoners.

He said the request to participate in the program would be made in front of the King’s Ambassador to the Ambassador and the Advisory Board on the King’s Ambassador.

Inmates considering participation are being scrutinized by various government agencies, including prisons, police, and the Ministry of Social Welfare, according to Dames.

“When the request is made, it is considered whether the person meets the requirements, and in many cases it is a prisoner in good condition, unless he is heading towards the end of his prison period. I can’t, “he said.

“The prisoner must at least own everything he needs to be exposed to the outside world. What that really is is a form of preparation for reintegration.

“In most cases it worked, and after leaving the same company, you can tell you the myriad stories that the young men they worked with for a job plan asked them to come. increase.”

According to Dames, prisoners approved for the program will be paid by the company that hires them and the money will be deposited in their prison account.

He said the recent death of the prisoner was tragic.

Focusing on the rehabilitation of prisoners should continue to be a priority for the Bahamas, Mr. Dames said.

“We can’t keep losing the Bahamas’ sons and daughters,” he said.

“We can’t keep them on this futile road. People sometimes make mistakes that they regret. They need to be focused to ensure that opportunities are given. is.”

Deputy Orthodontic Commissioner Doan Cleare refused to comment on Saunders’ death when contacted yesterday.

He said a statement would be released this week. Former Minister asks why the murder conviction was in a work release

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