Former Northern Ireland Manager Billy Bingham dies at age 90

Former Northern Ireland national team manager Billy Bingham died at the age of 90, his family announced on Friday.

Bingham led Northern Ireland to the World Cup final twice. The first was in 1982 and 1986, famous for defeating host Spain.

Bingham on the right outer side was born in East Belfast and has been capped 56 times. He joined Glentoran before joining Sunderland in 1950 and spelled Luton, Everton, who he also managed later, and Port Vale.

In a statement, Bingham’s son, David, said:

“He died peacefully last night at 10:30 pm at a care facility in Southport.

“We are very proud of everything that my father has accomplished.”

Bingham was part of the Northern Ireland side who reached the 1958 World Cup quarterfinals, but only lost to France.

It was Bingham’s goal to ensure Luton’s victory in the 1959 FA Cup semi-finals, reaching Wembley in the third part of Norwich and losing to Nottingham Forest.

He won the first division title at Everton from 1962 to 1963 before moving to management. This included his role in the Northern Ireland national team and the spells in Greece.

Bingham’s second mission as manager of his country began in 1980.

He then appointed Martin O’Neill, the future boss of the Republic of Ireland, as captain. This was the first Catholic to honor him during the Troubles, and as a result received a threatening letter.

The success of the 1980 British Championship was the first in 66 years in Northern Ireland, followed by an impressive World Cup campaign in Valencia’s Mestalla and a 1-0 victory over Spain.

Bingham created an MBE for football service in 1981, quit his job in Northern Ireland in 1993, and later worked as a football director in Blackpool.

The Irish Football Association pays homage to Bingham.

“Billy played and managed the World Cup final tournament with Northern Ireland, was part of Peter Doherty’s historic team in Sweden in 1958, and managed Northern Ireland in 1982. It occupies a unique place in the heart of Northern Ireland’s football. The 1986 Finals “read a statement on the Irish FA website.

“Billy was a tricky wing in the days when such a position was worshiped, but he had more than a wing play. Billy wasn’t afraid to mix it in as needed. He turned his attention to goals and had a great tactical and positional brain. This is an attribute that comes to the fore in his managerial career.

“He was everything a Northern Ireland manager needed. He was tactically sensitive, innovative and inspirational.

“He led the team to the glory of the British National Cyclocross in 1980 and 1984, competed in two World Cups in 1982 and 1986, and made his first home and away in West Germany in the 1984 Euro qualifying. Recorded a victory.

“His greatest achievement was probably the team’s qualification in the second phase of the 1982 World Cup, a historic and unexpected victory over Spain in Valencia.

“The association wants to condolence to Billy’s wider family circle.”

X Former Northern Ireland Manager Billy Bingham dies at age 90

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