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Former NYSERDA Chief Engineer Participates in Floating Offshore Wind Turbine

Hexicon, a Swedish twin floating wind turbine technology company, Appointed presence and pipeline in North America February 1, 2022, Adrian Downey as Chief Engineer and Country Manager in the United States and Canada.

Downey was recently the lead engineer for offshore wind power at the New York State Department of Energy Research and Development (NYSERDA).

“During his tenure, Adrian led NYSERDA’s leading offshore wind program with the goal of reaching 9 gigawatts (GW) by 2035, successfully raising over 4.3 GW. Previously, Adrian We helped establish the business of ENERCON, the original manufacturer of wind turbines. In North America, “he said.

In a statement announcing the new appointment, Hexicon will support President Biden’s journey to 110 GW of offshore wind signaling potential for 35 GW by 2040 and nearly 60 GW by 2050. He pointed out a major new commitment in the United States. Offshore wind by 2050.

“The Glide Path for leasing, licensing, and large-scale investment is set to achieve 30 GW of offshore wind by 2030, resulting in total spending of over US $ 190 billion. It will be, “said Hexicon.

“The Pacific coast, the Gulf of Mexico, Maine, and the deep waters of the Central Atlantic will benefit from the major deployments of floating offshore wind turbines because the oceans are too deep to utilize bottom-fixed wind energy in these regions. Therefore, through reliable and cost-effective renewable energy, it provides an important path to achieving the ambitious clean energy goals of these regions.

Marcus Thor, Hexicon CEO said: Two countries with great ambitions for the energy transition. Adrienne has extensive experience in offshore wind and can’t think of any more Hexicon champions in North America. Allowing Adrienne to leverage both project development know-how and innovation over the next few years in North America, including establishing strategic partnerships to support large lease auctions and promoting regional relationships in supply chain development. I am looking forward to becoming. Defend priority R & D. “

Adrian Downey “We are pleased to be able to take command of hexicon in the United States and Canada in these exciting moments. Offshore wind is a great benefit and cost-effective renewable energy fight against climate change worldwide. Being poised to bring about energy development, the faster deployment of deep-sea technology is the key to unlocking this potential. After many years of proud public services leading the country’s largest and most sophisticated offshore wind market, I Is excited to transform deep sector knowledge into a turning point in this important technology, supporting rapid deployment and regional partnerships to unleash an unprecedented economic ecosystem. “

HexaconFounded in 2009 and based in Stockholm, Sweden, is working on the development of a floating offshore wind turbine with a dual turbine floating wind turbine platform.

Hexicon states that the patented floating platform can be placed further offshore and deeper than traditional fixed-bottom offshore wind designs, improving wind conditions. According to the company, TwinWind, Hexicon’s unique dual-turbine floating wind power platform, allows the platform to be oriented in the direction of the wind, improving cable, foundation, installation, and eco-efficiency for maximum efficiency. Will be.

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