Former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has accused him of holding a public car worth Rs. 150 million.

Pakistan’s intelligence minister, Mariam Aurangzeb, claimed on Sunday that former Prime Minister Imran Khan owns a public car worth Rs. 150 million in Pakistan, local media reported.

Aurangzeb said the Prime Minister could only continue to use the car in accordance with the law, but Khan took the BMW X5 on his way home. This was basically a car from the pool of a foreign delegation in the PM office.

She further stated that the former Prime Minister wanted to keep the car, but had previously criticized the former administration for expensive cars at the Prime Minister’s Office.

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The Pakistani minister explained the cost, saying that the car was priced at Rs 30 million when purchased in 2016 and is currently worth Rs 60 million. She added that the cost of the vehicle would be around 150 million rupees, taking into account bomb and bulletproof.

Regarding the Toshakana controversy, Aurangzeb further stated that Imran Khan was the only prime minister to sell off his foreign gifts.

She claimed that Kahn reduced the retention rate of gifts from Tosha Kana to 20% in order to receive those gifts, and then increased it to 50%.

Aurangzeb bought these gifts from the money he received from Farah Khan, who had been bribed and earned billions of dollars for the appointment of all high-ranking government officials in Punjab, Imran Khan also said with sugar. He added that he made money from the flour scandal. She added that Imran Khan smuggled a pistol given by a diplomat from another country to Pakistan and stored it himself instead of submitting it to a state depository.

“You are a thief, a scammer, a liar, a scammer, but you are trying to impersonate a devout person just to hide cheating and corruption,” the media quoted the minister. .. The intelligence minister said that due to Imran Khan’s incompetence, people in the country are facing inflation and unemployment. Former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has accused him of holding a public car worth Rs. 150 million.

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