Former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan rally against the Shebaz Sharif administration

Pakistan’s Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan addressed a rally in Abbottabad on Sunday, with the power to prevent them from entering the federal capital during the long march on May 20. He warned the government of Shehbaz Sharif that there was no such thing. The government, led by the Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N), has more than two million people arriving in Islamabad, gaining true independence and protesting the “importing government,” ARY News reported.Khan said Shabaz SharifGovernment-led that 2 million people will come to the federal capital, regardless of how many containers are placed to create obstacles.

“Our opponents say that people won’t come out when the temperature is high. No matter how many containers you like, 2 million people will come to Islamabad,” he said. Imran Khan, GeoNews reported. The former Prime Minister told his supporters that the current administration was “fearing” their passion, adding that 11 parties had gathered to remove him from power. The PTI chair said that when he and his supporters came to Islamabad, the federal capital was “imported hukomat na manzoor” (imported governments are unacceptable) and “we want real freedom. Insisted that it would be full of chanting. The United States wanted an obedient prime minister in the shape of Shebaz Sharif in Pakistan.

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He called Prime Minister Sharif “a beggar, a coward, Dakoit,” and added that the country would not accept US slavery at any cost, ARY News reported. Imran Khan said his sole motive was to work for the welfare of the Pakistani people and not to sacrifice national interests for the benefit of the United States. He said the Pakistani people do not believe in any superpower, except for the full hegemony of Almighty Allah.

The PTI took millions to Islamabad for the Long March, completed a strategy to avoid arrests, and communicated this to the party’s third-tier leaders. Upcoming public rallies will be Abottabad on May 8, Geram on May 10, Atock on May 12, Maldan on May 13, Sialcott on May 14, and Faisara Bird on May 15. Scheduled for Swabi on May 16th, Kohat on May 17th, and Chakwar in May. Multan on 19th and May 20th reported ARY News.

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