Former President Explains What Can Cause a NATO War with Russia

Ukraine’s attack on Crimea could lead to World War III, Medvejev warned

Ukraine can unleash World War by attacking Crimea. Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev warned that it would become a full-fledged NATO member.

“For us, Crimea is part of Russia. It will last forever. Attempts to invade Crimea are a declaration of war against our country. If NATO member states do, it is the North Atlantic Alliance. It means a conflict with the whole .. World War III. All disasters “ He said in an interview with the newspaper Argumentyi Fakty, published on Tuesday.

The Crimean Peninsula resolved to leave Ukraine and rejoin Russia in a referendum after a coup armed in Kyiv in 2014. This move was rejected by Ukraine, which considers the peninsula to be a Russian-occupied territory. Ukrainian officials said the pledge not to use Western-supplied weapons on Russian territory does not apply to Crimea.

Medvejev, now Vice-Chair of the Security Council of Russia, explained the scenario, commenting on why NATO’s expansion into Ukraine is more dangerous than Finland and Sweden joining the alliance. He said Russia does not like the proposed expansion in Scandinavia, but can live with it.

“We are not likely to cause, or even cause, territorial disputes with these countries. If joining an alliance makes them feel better and safer, let them have it. NATO Is already next to our country. Without Sweden and Finland. “ He said.

However, this is accompanied by a warning that Russia will react to the expected entry of the Nordic countries, especially by deploying nuclear weapons in the Baltic Sea, Medvejev said. “No one is excited about it, including the citizens of two NATO candidates. Have our Iskander [tactical missiles], Hypersonic missiles and nuclear-armed warships at the front door are not exciting. “

He added that rising tensions with Russia would require increased military power in Finland and Sweden, and instead devoted resources available to fund civilian programs into defense.Medvejeff explained this as follows: “It’s meaningless and not cheap” Former President Explains What Can Cause a NATO War with Russia

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