Former Prime Minister Borisov: Petkov wanted a chairman. He was dismissed in six months and by the

Former Prime Minister and current leader of GERB Boykoboli Sov @BNR

“”The budget update has helped us at least in the coming months.We were able to prevent them from making the wrong decision, they The right decision in the amateur way“, GERB Leader and former Prime Minister Boyco Borisov Said aboutContinue to change“. “”At the moment, we are buying a huge number of votes, not only 30-40 votes at a time, but 10,000 votes at a time.“Borisov said.

“”he (Cyrillic Petkov). I wanted a chair, but in six months he was dismissed and made up the majority. And this new majority of Congress managed to get past the budget, despite the amateurishness of their actions. 10 million lev disappears from Bulgarian pockets-10 million lev-gasoline and oil. Currently, they have advertising panels on expensive oil and petrol. Because when you look at 3.99 BGN, you get scared and shocked.“, Borisov It pointed out.

“”I have won many bets that even a bike lane will not be built for a year. There are no highways, bridges, tunnels, birdhouses, nothing.School, road, church and garden repairs were left everywhere behind us“, Borisov It is listed.

“”They are unaware that the day of retaliation will come for all, what they have done to us, and what they are doing to them now.Unhappy and evil, were these people born as prime ministers or ministers?I asked Borisov rhetorically. “”They want GERB Being isolated, we are not, and we will never be.Bulgarian citizens are currently quarantinedBorissov was added.

“”Electricity can easily return to 100 BGN and the resource is Bulgaria. You rarely have the opportunity to have a refinery that uses cheap oil.They are talking 25 cents -They still can’t figure out how this happens, they said from July 1st, and people still don’t fuel their cars with reductions“, Borisov I also pointed out.

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