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Former South Korean President Park was released from prison for nearly five years

Former South Korean President Park Geun-hye was released from prison yesterday about five years after being convicted of corruption and debated whether she would play any role prior to the March presidential election. Fanned.
Park was the first democratically elected leader in the country when the Constitutional Court upheld a parliamentary vote in 2017 and impeached two conglomerate chiefs, Samsung and Lotte, in a scandal.
In January, Park was convicted of colluding with a friend who was also in prison for receiving tens of billions of won from a company to fund his friend’s family and nonprofits. The Korean Supreme Court upheld a 20-year prison sentence. -Commercial Foundation. Last week, President Moon Jae-in expressed his hope to “overcome the unfortunate past history and promote the unity of the people” because of the deterioration of Park’s health condition, and gave him a special amnesty. Broadcasters have indicated that Park has left Seoul Hospital, where he had been hospitalized for treatment since last month, after writing a letter of amnesty at midnight. She didn’t comment, but her lawyer said she apologized for raising public concerns and thanked Moon for making a “harsh decision”, the daughter of a former military ruler. rice field.
Park’s release will take place when her old party, the main opposition Conservative National Power Party, and the Democratic Party of the Moon are participating in a tough presidential election. Her imprisonment divided the country, and a right-wing parent park group held weekly rallies to condemn the moon and his policies and demanded Park’s release.
Hundreds of park supporters bravely confronted sub-zero temperatures to flock to the hospital where she was staying late Thursday to celebrate her liberation, and more than 1,000 flower bouquets arrived. According to Yonhap News Agency, about 200 people protested her release in downtown Seoul. It was unclear whether Park would resume political activity, but in a memoir released Thursday, her belief was a political motivation and expressed hope of “meeting people again someday.” did.
Presidential candidate Yoon Seok-yul, who investigated Park as the prosecutor’s chief, said yesterday that he had finished his duties as a civil servant and said he would like to visit Park when his health improved.

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