Former TK Maxx workers say bargain hunters need to pay attention to one number on the price tag

Shoppers have been flocking for a long time TK Maxx Pursuing a major brand at an affordable price, many designer treasures hung on the shelves of the bargain palace.

A man working at TK Maxx reveals how customers can find the best bargain, Explain that there is one number that you should pay particular attention to.

In the channel 5 documentary, TK Maxx: How do you do it? , Fans of TK Maxx can get a glimpse of what’s really happening behind the store door, along with insights from former workers.

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As part of that, former senior merchandiser Daniel Baker advised. Shoppers To keep their eyes exposed for a single number on the label.

In the next document, which airs this Sunday, Daniel states: The number that is really exciting for customers is second. This means that it is a genuine inventory sold elsewhere at a higher price.

“It’s overstock or something like that.”

According to Daniel, the numbers are usually between 1 and 9, but “a significant number” are unused and some are important to the buyer.

Especially, No. 2 is said to be one that you should be careful about when browsing.

Daniel said: “The three main codes are 1, 2, and 7.

“One was manufactured for TK Maxx, two are unsold” close-out buys “from another brand, and seven are” packaways, “like the Christmas crackers I bought in January of the following year. It means that it was packed in.

“You can get a great price with Type 1. The very large amount they produce may mean that you can reduce the price.

“The real bargains you’re looking for are certainly 2 and 7. It’s also part of the treasure hunt when I enter the store. I’m always going, so” Oh, it’s type 2. Yes, it’s really a bargain there. “

Undoubtedly, many customers will check their purchases a little more closely.

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