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Four inspiring immigrant stories in 2021

The refugee crisis is accompanied by a story of hardship and sadness. But in a rare sight, it also created a story of solidarity, inspiration, resistance, and goodwill this year.

  • Refugee teens who escaped the war by boat participate in the Olympics

Yusra Mardini, a young refugee who swam a lifetime to steer a refugee ship sinking in the open ocean, Competed At the Olympic Games in July. She is also the youngest UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador.

The young woman was trained by her father to become a professional swimmer before fleeing Syria in 2015 at the age of 17 due to the war.

Her two hours of training a day was helpful when the engine of a crowded boat supplied by a smuggler was confiscated. The waves were raging and the boat was sinking, even though people threw everything they could outboard. The boat was designed to carry 7 people, but was packed with 20 people instead. Yusla and her sister Sarah climbed cold water to stabilize the boat. They pulled the boat on a rope to the Greek island of Lesvos, so they took a short break and swam to rest in the open ocean for three hours. The other two refugees also helped save 16 refugees.

Six years later, Mardini became one of the 29 athletes on the refugee Olympic team, competing in 12 fields at the Tokyo Olympics in Japan. Maldini left the match without a medal, but her story was widely shared as one of hope and determination.

  • German minister who saved refugees from deportation

Several religious institutions in Germany have rescued asylum seekers from deportation, provided shelter for six months, and then assisted them in their proceedings.Rev. Gottfried Marten’s Trinity Church in Berlin One of them..

Hundreds of refugees, mainly Afghans and Iranians, converted to Christianity before leaving the country and evacuating to the Lutheran Church and are now staying at the Trinity Church.

Rev. Marten has learned Persian to improve communication while providing a sanctuary to thousands of people over the last 15 years. After testing the faith of the people, he holds a large baptismal ceremony to make sure they really want to be Christians.

German police can deport them by law, but they do not actually step into the church grounds. That means keeping refugees safe within the facility until they are ready to file a court petition for the right to seek asylum in Germany-mainly because of religious persecution in their hometown. If authorities reject the application, they will be deported to the first country to arrive in Europe.

  • Hundreds of British apply for acceptance of Afghan refugees or become friends

After the Taliban hijacked Afghanistan in August, an overwhelming number of people in the UK volunteered to accept Afghan refugees and make friends with Afghan refugees.

Host Nation, Britain’s largest refugee friendship scheme, has to close applications in London in September after receiving more than 50 applications a day from locals who want to connect asylum seekers and refugees. It didn’t become. Report By the Guardian in September. The organization received about 10 applications the previous month.

“There was so much goodwill in the community that we wanted to get along with refugees, but we didn’t know what to do,” said founder Aneke Erwes, who is still looking for friends in the northeast. He added that he was doing it. England.

The month of the Afghan crisis was well-meaning by hundreds of British citizens who volunteered to accept Afghan refugees in August, which was widely reported by the international media.

According to another, in August 998 people registered to host Rooms for Refugees, a Glasgow-based community housing network. Report By the Guardian in August. According to the report, another 824 people provided a spare room to Afghanistan through another charity, Refugees at Home, in just two weeks.

  • Ambassador to take care of pet birds of Afghan refugee girls

Heartwarming stories stood out in reports of turmoil during the crisis when US troops withdrew from Afghanistan and the Taliban took over the country this summer.

Xavier Chatel, French Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates, share A story of how a pet bird associated him with an Afghan refugee girl called “Aria” who is preparing to resettle in France.

Aria managed to take a pet bird named “Juji” to an intermediate stop in the UAE’s Aldafra base, which processed Afghanistan before the French troops flew to France, but problems arose afterwards. Due to hygiene regulations, she was not allowed to take birds.

Chatel leaves the bird when many Afghans hear the young woman’s determination to save her bird traveling in a cardboard box in a chaotic environment that leaves her family and loved ones behind. I felt I couldn’t do it.

Juji, myna known for imitating human language, has added “Bonjour!”. Relocated to that vocabulary and to its new home, the residence of the French ambassador.

For Aria, who later found an ambassador on Twitter, knowing that she could see the birds again someday is a symbol of hope.

“In this evacuation I lost everything. I lost my home, my homeland, my life. But the fact that the birds are alive and well cared for give me that. Gives hope to recover, “she told the ambassador.

Source: TRT World

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