Four people accused of trying to kill a policeman

Four men accused of firing on a police car occupied on April 30 were charged yesterday for attempted murder.

The prosecutor is Shakir Munro, 29 years old. Roger Wallace, 28; Raequon Alexis, 18 years old. 19-year-old Aljaron Stubs tried to kill Sergeant 2185 Solmare and Sergeant 3814 Mackenzie.

According to police, police officers encountered a man while responding to a complaint about prowling on the premises.

After a brief chase, the suspect allegedly fired on a patrol with a Glock 17 pistol and an AK-47 assault rifle.

In addition to the alleged attempted murder, the man has been accused of resisting arrest and possessing weapons to endanger the lives of officers.

They have also been charged with inflicting $ 988.68 on the police car.

When they appeared before Chief Judge Joyan Ferguson Pratt, they did not have to enter a petition for prosecution.

They have been remanded to prison, but can seek bail in the Supreme Court.

The man had previously been charged with firearms and ammunition possession after the weapons were recovered when police searched for a second car. Four people accused of trying to kill a policeman

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