Fourth vaccine jab to be offered to more people from autumn

Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) is to lower the age limit that defines whether you are eligible for a fourth injection of the coronavirus vaccine in the fall.

Thursday YLE report The laboratory should collect data on the efficacy of the fourth dose and the expectations that the new vaccine can be given during the summer, with the aim of presenting the latest recommendations in late August or early September.

Hannah NohinekTHL’s doctors have confirmed that they intend to lower the age limit in preparation for a more pronounced surge in coronavirus infection and morbidity.

Both morbidity and mortality are currently on the decline.

“Age is the greatest risk of a serious coronavirus infection. The risk increases significantly at about 50-60. Where [the recommendation] It will calm down without being seen yet. We are enthusiastic about this based on new information, “she told the public broadcaster.

The European Center for Disease Control and Prevention (ECDC) generally recommends that vaccination be given before the wave of infection and that a fourth vaccination be given to all persons over the age of 60. Along with recommendations, THL will consider the required vaccination intervals and duration. The protective effect of the vaccine.

Experts estimate that the fourth injection provides fairly limited protection against Omicron infections and mild illnesses.

The June THL adjusted its recommendation that a fourth dose should also be provided to children aged 70-79 years who suffer from chronic illnesses that predispose to severe forms of Covid-19.

president Sauli Niinistö Thursday Said Iltasanoma worried about the incidence of coronavirus infections and coronavirus-related deaths in Finland. According to THL statistics, about 4,800 people were associated with the virus in the spring.

“The death toll here seems to be very high right now, and silence continues. The situation in Finland has been good for two years, but now it’s very bad in this regard. Death is a serious problem, “he commented daily.

Niinistö expressed his hope that the fourth vaccination would be extended to the younger age group and said he knew many young people who would be happy to receive the fourth injection.

“I’m having a hard time understanding why [the vaccines] It is withheld, “he said.

On Thursday, Family Affairs and Social Welfare Minister Aki Linden (SDP) said on Twitter that he agreed with the president. The Finnish people have adopted a stance that the pandemic “finished” too early, he said.

Aleksi Teivainen – HT Fourth vaccine jab to be offered to more people from autumn

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