France and India condemn the killing of civilians in Ukraine and call for peace

As the conflict between Russia and Ukraine entered its third month in May, many world leaders and nations have criticized the actions of Russian authorities. At a recent meeting, India and France called for an “immediate suspension of hostilities” in Ukraine to end “national suffering.”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi In a meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron on Wednesday, the two leaders issued a joint statement condemning the killing of civilians in Ukraine, calling for open dialogue and peace between the country and Russia.

“France and India have expressed deep concern about the humanitarian crisis and the ongoing conflict in Ukraine,” Prime Minister Modi and French President Emmanuel Macron issued a joint statement on Wednesday.

Prime Minister Macron and Prime Minister Modi met for bilateral talks and a dinner. In a joint statement, the two countries “clearly condemn the fact that civilians were killed in Ukraine, and the two countries will work together to promote dialogue and diplomacy and immediately end people’s suffering.”

Both countries issued a statement, but only France publicly condemned the actions of Russian troops. French officials have criticized the AFP for “illegal and unjustified attacks on Ukraine by Russian troops.”

India has not publicly accused Russia of invading Ukraine so far. India has a strong relationship with Moscow and imports a lot of military hardware from the country, so it is currently in a war-neutral position.

Prime Minister Modi landed in France on Wednesday and was filmed in a friendly hug with French President Emmanuel Macron, who was recently re-elected to the top post after defeating far-right candidate Marine Le Pen in the presidential election. I did.

After meeting with Macron, Prime Minister Modi finished his three-day trip to Europe, where he visited and met with top governments from Germany, Denmark and France. It should be noted that the European Union has apparently criticized and condemned Russia’s actions in the war and has imposed some sanctions on the country.

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