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Fraser Well Management Acquires Well Operator Service

Fraser Well Management (FWM), a well engineering and project management specialist, has signed a well operator service contract with North Sea Natural Resources Ltd (NSNRL) to provide a Devils Hole Horst (DHH) evaluation well in the central North Sea. Won.

NSNRL, a North Sea-focused exploration and production company, obtained a UK license P2321 in the 29th round. The license consists of seven consecutive blocks covering the DHH outlook, about 100 miles east of Aberdeen.

According to FWM, a recent reinterpretation of two test wells excavated in the DHH outlook 50 years ago provided evidence of hydrocarbons in the Permian Zechstein Formation. Further analysis performed by NSNRL strongly indicates that significant amounts of oil may be found in Jurassic fulmar sand, which was overlooked in the original test well.

2 billion barrels

NSNRL believes that DHH’s net average future resources could reach 2 billion barrels of oil, of which 1.8 billion barrels have been validated by oil and gas consultants Gaffney, Cline & Associates. NSNRL will excavate evaluation well 27 / 4-A and implement a 3D seismic program as early as the end of 2022. NSNRL is currently in the process of securing investor funding for seismic and valuation drilling programs.

Niels Arveschoug, The CEO of NSNRL said: “Based on the proven track record of providing exploration and evaluation wells and operators at the British Continental Shelf (UKCS), FWM is equipped with ideal equipment for drilling DHH evaluation wells within the desired time frame. “

With offices in both Aberdeen and Great Yarmouth, FWM has been providing well operator services to UKCS licensees since 2017 at all stages of well activity, from construction, production, intervention to late years and decommissioning. I’ve done it.

“In addition to the jobs we are currently contracting, the DHH contract will provide additional jobs to the FWM project group, drive the company’s growth and create new jobs in the company’s Aberdeen and Great Yarmouth offices.” FWM said.

Nick Ford, FWM’s Managing Director, said: We are pleased that our well operator model provides organizations such as NSNRL with the ability to reach prospects in a safe, coordinated and cost-effective manner. We look forward to working with NSNRL on this exciting project. “

https://www.oedigital.com/news/494507-fraser-well-management-wins-well-operator-services-gig-at-devil-s-hole-horst-well-in-north-sea Fraser Well Management Acquires Well Operator Service

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