Free sports activities in May Split

(Photo: Split Tourist Board)

The city of Split in Croatia, famous for producing countless sports stars, Sponsored by trainer SanjaŽuljević and supported by Split’s Tourist Board, free sports activities will be held for a month.

The goal of the sports festival, called “Tsutafolka”, is to inspire and rejuvenate the people of Split and their guests to get out of the comfort zone, discover new activities and develop a healthy lifestyle.

From rocket to summer, crazy zoo dance, street dance, sup, yoga, Scandinavian walking, free climbing, running schools, breathing meditation, and cataloging activities await all visitors.

All activities are done outdoors and are completely free. For more information on dates and how to apply, please visit our website.

Environmental cleanup activities are also organized as part of the project.

Free sports activities in May Split

(Photo: Split Tourist Board)

“It’s also very important to us, and what we want to convey to each of us is to raise awareness of the need for environmental consideration and take responsibility for contributing to the conservation of the planet.

Thinking globally and acting locally is well known today as a saying that is more applicable than ever. Split is a city with a thousand years of history, but given that it is a city with thousands of visitors each year, it is important to maintain its wealth and create sound approaches and customs that are environmentally friendly.

Cataloging is a combination of activity and environmental awareness, a very useful hobby that combines being in nature, moving, socializing, and cleaning the environment, while at the same time our own health. And an ideal way to maintain the nature in which we live. !! “The organizers said, encouraging fellow citizens to actively participate and participate in the month of free sports activities.

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