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It rained and the Bahamas National Baseball Association (BBA) National Championship ended prematurely on Sunday, but fortunately the last division under the age of 12 (12U) has just finished three gold medals. The game is now official. The Freedom Farm Baseball League won and won the Grand Bahama Little League 9-0 to win the title of the 6th division.

The tournament, which began on Friday, ended yesterday with “Championship Sunday” at the Bayeux Hills Sports Complex.

The Freedom Farm 12U team was dominant throughout the tournament and won all four games. Coach Marlon Boswick has set the team to play in three innings, as rain can disrupt the game. By the third inning, he led 7-0 and added two more runs to get the final result. Bostwick said he hoped it wouldn’t rain and they would have played the full game.

“There was some doubt because the match didn’t go to full innings. We wanted to get out here, run the game plan and show our advantage by leaving the” Mercy Rule “win. “It was,” said Bostwick. “The game ran well against the Grand Bahama. I didn’t give up on the run. The lineup had great hits and pitches, and although it wasn’t a perfect distance, I won.”

その日の最も騒々しく、最も視聴されたゲームの1つは、フリーダムファームとナッソージュニア野球リーグ(JBLN)の間の16Uゲームでした。 This game was dominated by JBLN, who won 10-6. JBLNのウォーレン・レヴァリティ・ジュニア監督は、この2つのチームが対峙するたびに、たくさんの花火が打ち上げられると語った。

“Our job was to stay calm and carry out the plan. We did it first and finally confused when we tried to keep it. They were in a good team and organization. We knew there was, so we expected them to come back. We took the lead early and kept them away, “he said.

JBLN led 8-0 and 9-1 in the game, but had to postpone the slow comeback by Freedom Farm.

JBLN pitcher Armon Smith scored three runs, winning 2-3 on the plate. As a team, JBLN recorded 6 hits in the first 2 innings and produced 8 runs (4 runs per inning).

Freedom Farm didn’t appear on the scoreboard until four times. He scored four runs in the bottom of the fifth inning, but he couldn’t continue the run because the match ended 10-6.

The JBLN team has revenge on Freedom Farm for their previous 2-0 defeat, and Freedom Farm has left the group stage with a 3-0 win / loss record.

The Freedom Farm 10U team was a perfect run as they defeated JBLN 7-2 in the gold medal game. They entered the championship game with a 4-0 record in the tournament, allowing only two hits in the 19-bat championship game. Freedom Farm has hit 9 times.

William Seymour, the coach of the Freedom Farm 10U team, was convinced that his team would win.

“As a team, we knew from the early stages of the tournament that we would win and win the championship. We felt the level of competition within the group – our guys were their Play beyond the level. We were confident of victory. We were second to none in preparing everyone for this tournament. They worked hard and deserved victory. “Seymour said.

Freedom Farm turned out to be the best of five series against JBLN in the 18U category and topped the list with three wins. In the final game, Freedom Farm won 10-2.

フリーダムファーム14Uチームは22ランを記録し、グループステージで2ランを断念したため、これは圧倒的なランでした。 They defeated JBLN 13-0 in the gold medal game and won the national title in that category. To get there, they defeated the Abako Youth Baseball League 7-0 in the semifinals.

Freedom Farm won the 8U category (coach pitch). They beat JBLN 19-1 in a gold medal game to put the trophy in the cart. They were undefeated in group play with a 3-0 record and did not allow a run until the championship game. They recorded 56 runs on the group stage.

6U部門(ティーボール)では、フリーダムファームがグランドバハマのレガシー野球リーグで3シリーズのベスト2-0を獲得しました。 In the first game, Freedom Farm won 28-5. In the second game, Legacy fought, but Freedom Farm won 18-5.

Various local leagues aim to travel to the United States for various tournaments this summer as coaches aim to give them more exposure and experience. Freedom Farm Dominates Baseball People – Nassau Guardian

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