Freeport Container Port Welcomes New Green Facility – Eye Witness News

A quayside crane destined for delivery to a Mexican port in the Hutchison Port Network was also on board the ship.

A team of Marines at the Freeport Harbor Company coordinated a “seamless” delivery of the cargo, according to an FCP press release. This is expected to significantly improve the productivity and reliability of FCP operations. Friday, August 26th.

The new hybrid straddle carrier has a load rating under the spreader of 40 tons for single lifts and 50 tons for twin lifts. According to FCP, these are easier to maintain than previous models and are expected to improve mean time to repair for engineering teams.

The new straddle is also equipped with an automatic fire extinguishing system with the ability to automatically extinguish electrical and/or combustible fires.

The equipment will help FCP continue to be an industry leader in “sustainability and environmental stewardship,” the press release said, adding that the newly added equipment will help reduce overall carbon footprint. said to contribute to

“Being a hybrid, it emits less exhaust fumes and requires significantly less diesel than its conventional counterpart,” the release said.

“Team FCP is excited to continue investing in cutting-edge, energy-efficient equipment as we strive to reach our sustainability goals.” Freeport Container Port Welcomes New Green Facility – Eye Witness News

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