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French billionaire buys $ 226 million mansion from Amir’s uncle-Doha News

Hotel Lambert has taken over several hands and has now reached the millionaire of France.

Sheikh Abdullah bin Khalifa Altani sold his property, Hotel Lambert, to French billionaire Xavier Niel for $ 226 million. Bloomberg report.

This transaction is one of the largest private property transactions ever seen in Paris. This will replace the approximately $ 113.5 million paid to the Hotel de Soyecourt in 2011.

Those familiar with the matter explained that buyers are planning to use the mansion for cultural foundation purposes rather than living in the mansion.

Qatar-backed luxury London townhouses on the market for $ 78 million

The hotel was built in 1640 by the same architect, Louis Le Vau, who contributed to the Palace of Versailles. It was first built for the financier Jean-Baptiste Lambert de Trini and has hosted a literary salon with the participation of Voltaire and Jean-Jacques Rousseau.

Among the owners of this hotel was the Polish princess Annachartriska. In 2007, the property was sold to Qatar’s former Amir brother Sheikh Abdullah bin Khalifa Altani for about $ 68 million, according to Bloomberg.

Hotel LambertIs considered by many to be one of the best-preserved demonstrations of French architecture in the mid-17th century, and Qatar’s owners closely monitored the decision to renovate the property. The judge ordered him to suspend some of the renovation work in accordance with the court’s decision on the conservationist objection. Report..

The mansion broke out in 2013, and Sheikh Abdullah Altani prolonged its renovation. This cost $ 147.5 million.

Qatar’s investment in France and the United Kingdom

According to 2013 reportQatar owns about 40 real estate properties in France, which is worth $ 7.8 billion.

The interest behind the start of the investment lies in the decisions of some European countries to eliminate taxes on the profits earned by foreign investors when selling real estate. In 2008, France followed the same footsteps as Britain and signed an agreement with Qatar.

“Qatari Diar” is a real estate company founded by the Qatar Investment Authority in 2005. The company owns a monumental building like The Shard in London.

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