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French court ruling all accused of the 2015 Paris terrorist attacks

Twenty men were sentenced at the end of the marathon trial in the historic Palais de Justice in Paris, involving more than 2,000 plaintiffs and more than 300 lawyers for nine months.

Salah Abdeslam was the main suspect in the exceptional trial claimed by Daesh, killing 130 people in the 2015 terrorist attacks. (AFP)

A French extraordinary court has killed 20 men in the worst peacetime attack in French history for being involved in Daesh’s terrorist attack on the Bataclan Theater, a cafe in Paris and the French National Stadium in 2015. Certified.

Judge Jean-Louis Peries closed the nine-month trial on Wednesday after reading the ruling in a court surrounded by unprecedented security.

Salah Abdeslam, the main suspect and only survivor of a 10-member terrorist team, was found guilty of murder and attempted murder in connection with a terrorist company.

He was sentenced to life imprisonment without parole. This is the toughest sentence in France.

Of the non-Abdeslam defendants, 18 were convicted of various terrorism-related convictions and one was convicted of fraud.

During the nine-month trial, Abdeslam declared his radicalism, cried, apologized to the victims, and begged the judge to forgive his “mistakes.”

For the victim’s family and the survivors of the attack, the trial was intolerable but important in the quest for justice and closure.

The packed main chamber and twelve overflow rooms of the Palace of Justice in the 13th century heard the tragic stories of the victims for months, along with testimony from Abdeslam.

Other defendants have been primarily accused of assisting in logistics or transportation. At least one has been accused of playing a direct role in the March 2016 deadly attack in Brussels. This was also claimed by Daesh.

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There are irreparable scratches, but they are not broken

For survivors and mourning loved ones, this trial deeply tells the personal story of the horror given that night, detailing the myriad acts of courage, humanity, and compassion among strangers. It was an opportunity to hear.

Some wanted justice, but most wanted to tell the accused directly that they had irreparable scars but weren’t broken.

“Assassins, these terrorists thought they were firing at a large number of people in the crowd,” Dominique Keelemoes said at the beginning of the September 2021 trial. Her son died of blood in one of the cafes.

Hearing the testimony of the victims is “important for both their own healing and the healing of the country,” said Keelemoes.

“It wasn’t the masses-these were individuals who had a life, loved, hopes and expectations,” she said.

At the beginning of the trial, Judge Jean-Louis Peries said, “It belongs to the international and domestic events of this century.” France emerged from the state of emergency in 2017 after incorporating many of its toughest measures into the law.

Abdeslam, a 32-year-old Belgian with Moroccan roots, was the only defendant to attempt several murders and kidnappings as a member of a terrorist organization.

In closing arguments, the prosecutor instigated around the French capital, and all 20 defendants who launched parallel attacks equipped with semi-automatic rifles and vests packed with explosives were members of Daesh responsible for the slaughter. I emphasized that there is.

Some defendants, including Abdeslam, said innocent civilians were targeted due to French policy in the Middle East and the deaths of hundreds of civilians in western airstrikes in Daesh-controlled areas of Syria and Iraq. rice field.

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