French expression of the day: La tête froide

why do i need to know la tête froide?

Because the way the word is used in French is completely different than in English.

What do you mean?

La tête froide – pronounced lah tett fwahd – literally refers to having a “cold head”, but when combined with the verb “”girder‘ (keep), it actually refers to maintaining a cold, focused expression or ‘poker face’.

It can also be used in the same way as the English expression “keep your head cool” or to calm down and stay calm in stressful situations.

this is in french Tete (head) is used in phrases that use “face” in English. But it’s strange to say “” in French.featuresIf you are talking about someone’s facial expression or attitude.

For example, if you want to say that someone has a mean face and looks like a bad guy, in French the correct translation would be to say they have a mean head (une tête de mechant).

Maybe you’re planning to host a surprise party and “can’t wait to see the faces they make” – again, the French word for head is used here (Je suis impatient de voir la tête qu’il va faire).

Other rude expressions follow the same rules.Tete de GallusIn French (remember this is obviously very insulting and profane).

While the interchangeability of the French word “head” and the English word “face” may be difficult to remember in social settings, the fact that “head” actually means “head” in the medical context is somewhat You may feel safe.

so don’t worryJ’ai mal à la tête‘ does not mean that your face hurts (it means that your head hurts).

use it like this

Elle ne voulait pas montrer à quel point elle était neurouse avant l’exposé. Elle a gardé la tête froide. – She didn’t want to show how nervous she was before the presentation.

Jay essay de garder la tet floyd rosque jay sere la main de la celebrite, my sete difficile de ne pass thrill. ・I tried to keep a straight face when I shook hands with celebrities, but I couldn’t help but smile. French expression of the day: La tête froide

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