French holidays your child loves

Departure progress! In Brittany, the 2700 km coastline is available to small pirates. From one port to another, an old ship takes an old pirate to an unforgettable sea outing. In Saint-Malo, you can play Buccaneer on a Leonard, a replica of the Surcouf ship. At the port of Brest, you can take a sailing course on the wooden schooner La Recouvrance. At Camaré Lemaire, you can place your bag in Neo Laguner’s “Grand Blue” salon and spend the night rattling during your stay. But you also have to step into the land of Brittany! Then run across the marsh in search of an incredible collection of megaliths: 6,000 menhir, 1000 dolmens, and many questions for your up-and-coming paleontologist. The answer can be found on each site. In Carnac you will learn how to light a fire, young and old, in Cairn de Barnenes you will learn to hunt in assegais and in Monteneuf you will learn to lift stones rather than Obelix. And if they don’t succeed, the Broceliande Forest and its magic water fountain are just around the corner …

Etoile Marine (External link)
Le Grand Blue (External link)
Visit Brittany (External link) French holidays your child loves

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