French word of the day: À poil

why do i need to know Apoil ?

You might be a little surprised if someone invites you to a beach like this and you don’t know what this expression means.

What do you mean?

Poyle – loosely pronounced ah pwahl – an expression utilizing the French word for animal fur or its coat. Could be a synonym four rulesHowever, the expression that has come into use means actually being naked, regardless of the animal’s fur.

The origin of the term for animal fur to mean nudity dates back to the world of horse riding in the 17th century.In those days, a horse could be ridden with a saddle and cover (blanket) or naked. Monte La Animal a Cru (“A Cru” means “bare” or “raw”) became monter un cheval à poil – Riding horses in fur only.

In this case, the horse was seen as naked (without a saddle or blanket), and eventually the idea of ​​naked horses shifted to naked people.

This phrasing is a bit broad and not something I’d use to describe nude work, but it’s not offensive and is roughly equivalent to describing someone as “butt-naked” or “bolok-naked” in English. to say more politely, “Tootnew”(Naked).

If you’re looking for another way to say “birthday suit” in French, you can use “”.Anne Costume Dadham(Adam’s case – a biblical reference to the naked inhabitants of the Garden of Eden).

use it like this

Je me suis mise pas mal à poil dernièrement, mais ce n’est pas un délire exhibo et, dans la vie, c’est plus compliqué – I’ve been getting pretty naked lately, but it’s not about exhibitionism, life is more complicated than that. Interview about nude scene With French actress Virgin Efira.

Je préfère dormir à poil en été. Il fait vraiment trop chaud ! – I like to sleep naked in the summer. It’s really too hot! French word of the day: À poil

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