Fresno’s Mike Reynolds famous for California 3 Strikes regulation dies

Mike Reynolds, whose daughter Kimber Reynolds was murdered in 1992, prompting him to create a ballot initiative for the “Three Strikes and You’re Out” sentencing law, speaks during the Rescue California – To Support the Recall of Gavin Newsom news conference, July 19, 2021.

Mike Reynolds, whose daughter Kimber Reynolds was murdered in 1992, prompting him to create a poll initiative for the “Three Strikes and You’re Out” sentencing regulation, speaks in the course of the Rescue California – To Assist the Recall of Gavin Newsom information convention, July 19, 2021.

Mike Reynolds, the Fresno father who became the driving force behind California’s three strikes crime-sentencing legislation after the murder of his daughter in 1992, has died, his family confirmed Sunday. He was 79.

Reynolds died from complications after recent heart surgery, said son Michael Reynolds.

A career photographer, Mike Reynolds turned into an an activist for tougher laws to keep repeat violent offenders behind bars after daughter Kimber, 18, was gunned down outside a Tower District restaurant in 1992.

Family members reached earlier Sunday at his Fresno High-area home, including his wife, Sharon, said they were still processing his death.

“He devoted the last 30 years of his life to making things better for Californians,” said son Chris.

“He was a husband and father, and that’s the most important thing to us.”

Said Michael Reynolds:

“We’re grateful for the outpouring of support.

“He was a role model of integrity and determination to preserve human life and to make his community a better place to live. Some people thought he was motivated by anger and resentment, but he wanted to spare other families from the pain our family suffered when Kimber was murdered.

“(My father) was always trying to make things better, no matter how small or large, whether it was improving his spaghetti sauce, or the criminal justice system.”

Fresno mayor hails Mike Reynolds as ‘hero’

Fresno Mayor and former Police Chief Jerry Dyer, reached Sunday, said Reynolds “has done more for crime victims and their families than anyone I know. He was definitely a hero for law enforcement.”

Kimber Reynolds was killed outside The Daily Planet restaurant by gunman Joe Davis, who was trying to take her purse. Davis was later killed by police in Clovis.

The tragedy drove Reynolds to push for the tougher sentencing provisions of the “Three Strikes and You’re Out” law to keep repeat offenders in prison longer after co-defendant Douglas Walker received just a nine years in prison. He was paroled after serving 4 1/2 years.

After an unrelated felony conviction, Walker received a 44-years-to-life term in 2018.

This story was initially printed July 9, 2023, 2:55 PM.

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