Fridays for Future marches in 70 Italian cities to demand action on climate change

(ANSA) – ROME, 23 September – Thousands of people, especially young people, took to the streets of 70 Italian cities on Friday to tackle the environmental crisis as part of the Fridays for Future Movement’s global climate strike. demanded action.
Friday is also the last day of campaigning for Sunday’s Italian general election. Fridays For Future Italia (FFF Italia) said the climate crisis has been largely ignored during the election campaign.The urgency is being felt heavily here.
“Today we take to the streets to bring climate issues back to the center of public debate,” said Filippo Sotgiu, a math student and FFF Italia climate activist.
“Despite the fact that the solutions to climate disasters, droughts, marmoladas (glacial avalanches that killed 11 people), Marche floods and ecological transitions in recent months are the same, during the election campaign It didn’t exist in 2010. As needed to deal with the impact of the energy crisis.”
The atmosphere of the march was festive with loud music, dancing, chants and lots of funny slogans.
“You can’t recycle wasted time,” read on.
“No planet, no plague” was proclaimed at the Genoese march.
Most of the protesters were young people, but there were also many teachers, parents and other representatives of the older generation.
“I am here because I am a citizen of the planet,” Mariangela Isaiah, an elementary school teacher and member of the Parents for the Future (PFF) movement, told ANSA.
“The protests are taking place in 70 Italian cities and many other countries around the world.
“The climate is getting ferocious, but we’re all thinking only of our own interests and saving ourselves.
“But no one can save himself.
“So I feel like a citizen of the world and I want the impact of this global strike to extend beyond Italy and Europe to the non-EU countries suffering from the climate tragedy. Don’t let leaders say there’s nothing they can do.
“If you think you can’t do anything, please leave.” (ANSA).

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