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Friday’s presidential vote is “impossible”

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A widely anticipated statement will be issued after the Election Commission has dissolved the Election Commission and has not nominated the final list of candidates.

Hundreds of people voted for Libya’s vote. Among them were celebrities banned from the race. (strap)

The Libyan Parliamentary Commission said the long-awaited presidential vote could no longer be held in two days as scheduled.

The announcement on Wednesday was the first official statement that no voting would take place on Friday, but it was widely anticipated amid a pile of challenges and a need for postponement.

In a letter to Parliamentary Chairman Aguila Surrey, Parliamentarian Al Hadi al-Sageil, who was tasked with following the election process, said, “The election scheduled for December 24th. It is impossible to do. “

He did not specify whether the vote was set to a different date or was canceled altogether.

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Dispersion of election agencies

The national election commission disbanded the election commission late Tuesday and never nominated the final list of candidates as it was expected.

Hundreds of people have come to the fore, including several celebrities expelled from the race, including the son of the late Mu’ammar Al-Kadafi, who was banished and killed in a NATO-sponsored uprising in 2011. Did.

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Source: AP

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