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From 2022, an entrance examination is required to enter beyond the central varieties.

New Delhi: Most Chuo University admission processes will change from the next academic session, as the Chuo University Common Entrance Examination (CUCET) will take effect for admission to all undergraduate courses at various Chuo Universities nationwide.

The Union Ministry of Education and the University Grants Commission (UGC) have notified Chuo University of the required entrance exams from the next academic session. After that, all Chuo Universities started preparing for CET. The University of Delhi (DU) also mandates CET for academic sessions from 2022 to 23.

These central universities also passed proposals at their respective academic and executive councils on CET.

According to renowned educator CSKandpal, this is a new system whose effectiveness can be tested empirically. At present, it is not appropriate to comment on the strengths and weaknesses of the new system. Educational institutions must see this as a positive change, he added.

The introductory exam can open new doors for students. In the future, if there are any disadvantages in the system, implementation, or inspection process, there is always a chance of improvement, Kandpal said.

According to DU Professor Hansraj Suman, the Class 12 mark is not completely ignored in the name of CUCET. Many central universities have approved CUCET by the academic council, but the results of class 12 board exams are also important.

According to the United Ministry of Education, the implementation of CUCET has long been sought, but is now in force.

Hansraj Suman, a former member of the DU Academic Council, said the Covid-19 pandemic abused the process of scoring class 12 board exams in some schools that exaggerated student performance.

Professor DU also supports a complete renewal of the admission process in his diversity. But while doing so, he says, one must keep in mind the student’s interests from the economically vulnerable section that has reached its limits.

According to Suman, the CET implementation method makes coaching centers more important and can result in students in economically vulnerable sections being left behind.

From the next academic session, he said, students need to pass the CET with a good score in order to seek admission to the DU.

Other Chuo Universities follow the same admission policy. This means that from the next academic session 2022-23, admission to DU, Jamia Millia Islamia, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Banaras Hindu University and other Central Universities will only be possible through CET.

The current admissions system builds a merit list based on the scores obtained on most college class 12 exams. Students fill out their university forms on different days to request admission. Unable to enroll in the selected university, students approach a university with vacant seats.

UGC states that CET will be conducted from academic session 2022-23 by the National Testing Institute.

https://www.siasat.com/entrance-test-must-for-admission-across-central-varsities-from-2022-2248532/ From 2022, an entrance examination is required to enter beyond the central varieties.

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