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From Ørsted and Eversource to Charter Newbuild CTV

Offshore wind developers Ørsted and Eversource select two regional vessels to build a Crew Transport Vessel (CTV) to serve wind power projects in the northeastern United States on Thursday in partnership with a Road Island shipyard. Announced that it was done. Joint Venture Partners Unveil Plans to Charter Five New Jones-Act Compliant CTVs, including 3 from New York-based WindServe Marine and 2 from Massachusetts-based American Offshore Services (AOS) Did.

Dedicated aluminum catamaran handles the unique offshore conditions of wind farms 15 miles from the southern coast of New England, transporting technicians and materials to and from wind farms and local ports. It is designed to be.

Shipbuilding will begin at Senesco Marine, a related shipyard in WindServe Marine, Quonset Point in North Kingstown, a 88-foot-long BMT-designed WindServe CTV, and 101 feet in Warren’s Blount Boats. Long AOS ship, Based on Northern Offshore Services (NOS) design.. All five will be built over the next two years to support crew movement during the construction phase of the three northeastern projects of the Ørsted-Eversource joint venture. The first ship is expected to be completed by early 2023.

“Rhode Island knows offshore wind and is proud to offer more work to Ocean State’s ocean trade to build these new crew ships,” said Ørsted Offshore North America. Chief Executive Officer David Hardy said. “Our ongoing commitment to Rhode Island shipbuilders is the latest in our efforts to build a domestic supply chain to support the growing offshore wind industry, along with the selection of prestigious regional vessel operators. Is just an example. “

“Rhode Island has a long history of leading the marine industry and has established one of the country’s most innovative and vast blue economies,” said Joe Nolan, CEO and President of Eversource Energy. I am. “This partnership between two leading local shipbuilders and two major ship operators is important when building and operating a portfolio of wind power plants in the northeast. Offshore wind power is hired. It is a growing industry with great potential to create and grow the domestic supply chain, and in today’s news we are once again proud to help turn that promise into a new reality. “

Senesco Marine builds three CTVs for WindServe Marine (left) and Brandtboat builds two for American offshore services (right). Five boats will operate under Ørsted and Eversource charters (Image: BMT, AOS)

The two shipyards are leaders in the construction of offshore wind CTVs. Blount has built the country’s first Atlantic Wind Transfers. Atlantic pioneerHas been servicing Ørsted’s Block Island Wind Farm since the first offshore wind farm in the United States went live in 2016. WindServe Odyssey CTV started operation in 2020 under the Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind project. Ørsted assisted in the engineering, procurement and construction of its offshore wind farm.

Ørsted and Eversource have created about 80 on-site construction jobs at Senesco and Blount Boats with five new vessels, plus captains and crew working on board during the construction of wind farms. He said about 48 jobs will be created. Suppliers in many regions provide marine parts such as electronics, engines, cranes, aluminum and safety equipment.

David Kristensson, co-owner of AOS and owner of Northern Offshore Services, said: The Mariners offer the opportunity to embark on a new and exciting career path throughout the northeast. We are pleased to introduce the first dedicated hybrid-capable CTV to the Ørsted and Eversource US markets and be ready to fulfill our promise of maximum economics. Profit to local suppliers. “

Blount Boats, Inc. Marcia Blount, President of the company, said: Reputation for the high quality construction of these hybrid-capable CTVs, the first of the AOS fleet. “

Josh Diedrich, Managing Director of WindServe Marine, said: “We look forward to expanding our partnerships with Ørsted, Eversource, and industry stakeholders to ensure the success of our US offshore wind projects.”

Ted Williams, President of Senescomaleen, said: “CTVs of all sizes are one of the many ship types that Senesco Marine builds with the highest quality and safety standards. Senesco will support the expanding offshore wind power generation on the east coast in 2022. At the beginning, we will start construction of the local northeast with three CTVs. “

In the coming years, potentially dozens of CTVs are expected to be built as part of a new Jones Law-compliant fleet. This is the east coast of the United States. The Biden administration is targeting 30 gigawatts (GW) of offshore wind energy under development by 2030.

Among the largest offshore wind partnerships in the United States, the Ørsted-Eversource joint venture plays a unique role in the development of the domestic offshore wind supply chain.

In December 2016, Ørsted and Eversource worked together to create a clean energy industry in the northeast. The partnership has grown to include three offshore wind farms, including a 704 MW (MW) Revolution Wind project servicing Rhode Island and Connecticut. South Fork Wind servicing Long Island and 924 MW Sunrise Wind project servicing New York. Together, these projects generate enough clean and renewable energy of 1,760 MW for more than one million households. JV has the potential to more than double its existing portfolio within its current joint venture non-contracted offshore wind energy leasing area.

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