Frustrated to get a glimpse of the world through the eyes of an AI friend

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The idea of ​​artificial intelligence babysitters and friends may be enough to scare most parents, but it’s a recurring topic in movies and books.

movie After Yang, Released this year, depicts a future in which children have artificial companions.novel Clara and the sun Kazuo Ishiguro, who won the Nobel Prize in Literature, has recently won a best-selling list of so-called artificial friends called Clara.

Spoken from Clara’s point of view, this novel slowly reveals the rules of a world that does not seem to be far from our world.

Readers first meet Clara when she’s for sale in the store and take her to a new home when she becomes Josie’s artificial friend. Cheerful and sick teenager Josie already lives with her mother, who lost her child to illness, and is worried that this will happen again.

Very few people appear in the novel, but one of them is Josie’s neighbor and best friend Rick. He struggles in a world where only the best people can be educated. Most of the teenagers in the book are lonely and the kids are homeschooled on their tablets so they need a companion.

The theme, like any other excellent dystopian novel, takes you to new and terrifying heights, centered around daily lifts. However, unlike most science fiction novels, Ishiguro’s work is strangely optimistic. Clara is a very careful and observing artificial friend, and the line between being a robot and having her true consciousness can be blurred.

The text is accurate and minimal. It’s as if an artificial friend is trying to find the word, and this becomes even more devastating when talking about emotions. I became more and more attached to Clara and Josie’s family.

Readers can get a glimpse of the world through the eyes of artificial friends, and until the last page, the story reveals new elements that confuse the way we humans see the world.

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