Fuel Cash Aid to Maintain People’s Purchasing Power: Jokowi

I hope BLT BBM can keep people’s purchasing power

JAKARTA (ANTARA) – President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) said direct cash assistance as a form of transfer of government-provided fuel oil subsidies (BLT BBM) aims to preserve people’s purchasing power. rice field.

“I hope the BLT BBM can maintain people’s purchasing power,” the head of state said on Friday at the Saumuraki post office in Maluku’s Tanimbar Islands district.

BLT BBM is a direct cash assistance from the government to beneficiaries, valued at IDR 150,000 per person, for four months. His BLT totaling Rp 300,000 will be paid to him twice through various channels of the Indonesian Post Office.

“We have just completed the handover of BLT BBM worth Rp 600,000 for four months for the beneficiaries of Maluku’s Tanimbar Islands district,” Jokowi added.

Meanwhile, in relation to fuel price certainty, Mr Jokowi said he was still awaiting calculations.

“As for the (price) of fuel, everything is still being calculated and today the calculation will be handed over to me,” the head of state said.

The government also allocated social support worth Rp24.17 trillion from the transfer of fuel subsidies for three types of support. First, his BLT of 20.6 million beneficiaries amounted to Rp150,000 per month for four months, and the total budget he had was Rp12.4 trillion.

Second, wage subsidies for workers ranging from Rp.600,000 to Rp.16 million. The maximum monthly salary is Rp3.5 million and the budget is Rp9.6 trillion.

Thirdly, support from local governments using 2% of the General Transfer Fund, specifically the General Distribution Fund and the Revenue Sharing Fund worth Rp 2.17 trillion. This support aims to support the transport sector such as public transport, motorbike taxis, fishermen and additional social protection assistance.

The government has also implemented subsidized fuel pricing policies, particularly partalite and solar fuels, in an effort to maintain subsidized fuel allocations to meet community needs until the end of 2022, in accordance with the 2022 state budget cap. I’m preparing some plans to change the .

Meanwhile, subsidies and compensations spent by the government by August 2022 reached Rp 502.4 trillion, including Rp 208.9 trillion in energy subsidies and Rp 293.5 trillion in energy compensation.

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