Fuel price protests could stagnate UK traffic, media warns


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Fuel price protests will reportedly take place in several British cities, including Birmingham, Cardiff, Liverpool, London and Manchester.

Protesters resenting the rise in fuel prices in the UK, according to Sky News, intend to dispel their claims by significantly slowing traffic on major UK roads on Friday.

British police reportedly warned that protesters intended to use so-called “slow-moving obstacles.” Driving very slowlyM4, M5, M32, and part of A38 to create a delay.

A true “vehicle convoy” travels north along the M5 between Bridgewater and the Armonsbury interchange, then east along the M4 to reach junction 1 on the M32 and down the road. We plan to leave and stop for a “fixed period” before leaving. On the contrary, along the same route, media outlets are careful.

Meanwhile, another group of vehicles is expected to block the Shell gas station on Bristol Road in Bridgewater.

A Facebook * group called “Fuel PriceStand Against Tax” has also posted a post suggesting that protesters will gather “nationwide”, including cities such as Birmingham, Cardiff, Liverpool, London and Manchester.

A woman with a reusable shopping bag crosses London's Regent Street shopping district on Wednesday, May 18, 2022-Sputnik International, 1920, 05.07.2022

Priti Patel advocates “imprisonment and unlimited fines” to tackle fuel protests in Britain-report

This development comes from the planned approximately 18.8 million leisure trips in the country this weekend, the media said.

Britain’s gasoline and diesel prices skyrocketed after the British government announced in March its intention to ban oil imports from Russia over Moscow’s military operations in Ukraine.

According to an analysis by the Royal Automobile Club quoted by Sky News, only 4% of domestic fuel forecoats cost less than 180p per liter of gasoline.

The average price for retailers to buy gasoline has fallen by 17p per liter since the beginning of last month, but pump prices have fallen by only 4p, the media added.

RAC reports that drivers should pay 174p per liter of gasoline and 189p per liter of diesel, but the average cost of 1 liter of gasoline and 1 liter of diesel was 187.5p and 196.1p, respectively. ..

* Facebook is banned in Russia over militant activity Fuel price protests could stagnate UK traffic, media warns

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