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Fugro orders First-of-Its-KindXL Class USV

The Dutch geographic data company Fugro has ordered an unmanned surface ship of the SEA-KITXL class for future operations in the North Sea.

According to USV maker SEA-KIT, the 18-meter USV, named Blue Eclipse, is the first of its kind and will be built at SEA-KIT’s expanding UK production facility on the Essex coast.

Ben Simpson, CEO of SEA-KIT, said:

“The XL design is the result of an industry collaboration aimed at overcoming the complex challenges of effective long-distance unmanned spacecraft operations in rough seas. Our 18m USV is robust and versatile. It pushes the boundaries of sexuality and addresses the growing challenges of durability, communications, and maintaining stations head-on. ”

The SEA-KIT XL USV has a payload capacity of 7 tons and a strong bollard attraction, making it suitable for towing spreads and large sensors.

According to SEA-KIT, ships can launch and retrieve a variety of remote-controlled vehicles and payloads, with fully redundant station retention capabilities, Cat 0 operation for unlimited use, and a large lithium UPS supply for ship systems. Is equipped with.

This build features the latest developments in unmanned spacecraft technology, including G-SAVI, the proven and unique remote helm USV control and monitoring platform for the next generation SEA-KIT.

Ivar de Josselin de Jong, Fugro’s Remote Inspection Director said: “This order is an exciting next step in the deployment of Fugro’s remote and autonomous strategies and the development of a global USV fleet, and will be deployed in the offshore energy sector with ROV inspection performance comparable to regular DP2 vessels. More capable USV. ”

Equipped with Fugro Blue Amp electric eROV and operated at one of nine Global Remote Operations Centers (ROCs), it is a safer and more efficient data acquisition operation while contributing to mutual reduction of carbon dioxide emissions. We can support the realization of the client. ambition. ”

Work will begin on the 18m USV hull in March and is scheduled for delivery in early 2023.

https://www.oedigital.com/news/493653-fugro-orders-first-of-its-kind-xl-class-usv-for-north-sea-operations Fugro orders First-of-Its-KindXL Class USV

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