Funding $ 13 Million to Three Romanian Entrepreneurs Manufacturing Robots in the UK – Romanian Journal

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Three Great Britain-based Romanian entrepreneurs have set up a startup there to build warehouses and robots for logistics, and now have $ 13 million in risk capital finance from an investment fund.

British startup BotsAndUs was founded in London in 2015 by Andrei Dănescu (CEO), Adrian Negoiță (CTO) and Oana Jinga (Marketing and Sales).

On Thursday, a Romanian company announced that it had won a $ 13 million worth of seed investment rounds led by the Lake Star Foundation. Maersk Growth, an investment fund of Maersk, a Danish company with annual sales of approximately $ 60 billion and one of the world’s leaders in shipping and logistics, also participated in the financing.

Other investors who have contributed to the investment round for Romanian London startups are the Kindred Capital and Capnamic funds.

Therefore, BotsAndUs has an investment of nearly $ 20 million, including a European fund.

British start-ups manufacture autonomous robots. Autonomous robots work in hypermarkets, warehouses, office buildings, airports, and people perform the iterative and time-consuming tasks of the process of collecting and analyzing data from the field, customer service, and other areas that assist managers. Take over from. Make informed decisions. BotsAndUs customers include Europe’s largest London Heathrow Airport.

Andrei Dănescu, 34, studied at Bucalest Institute of Technology (Electronic Engineering) and then at Coventry University and Cranfield University in the United Kingdom.

Co-founder Adrian Negoiță (35) also studied at Bucharest Institute of Technology and earned a master’s degree in data modeling.

Oana Jinga, 34, co-founder of BotsAndUs, studied communication and public relations at the University of Bucharest, then studied in the United Kingdom and earned a master’s degree in creative industry from King’s College in London. In addition to her position at Her BotsAndUs, she also works at Google. Funding $ 13 Million to Three Romanian Entrepreneurs Manufacturing Robots in the UK – Romanian Journal

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