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Future iPhones may have a periscope lens with up to 10x optical zoom

San Francisco: Apple will reportedly launch at least one iPhone 15 model with a periscope camera system in 2023, allowing it to magnify its optical zoom.

According to a recent MacRumors report, analyst Jeff Pu said that the periscope lenses on some iPhone 15 series models have a much better 10x zoom feature than the iPhone 13’s 3x zoom. ..

There are already some Android smartphones with periscope lenses, such as Samsung’s Galaxy S21 Ultra and Huawei’s P40 Pro +. Both of these devices have up to 10x optical zoom.

Meanwhile, Apple plans to add a 48MP camera lens to the iPhone next year.

According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, these iPhone camera upgrades over the next two years will help increase market share, revenue, and profits for Taiwanese manufacturer Largan Precision.

Kuo previously claimed that the 48-megapixel camera would be limited to the iPhone 14 Pro model, enabling current 4K to 8K video recording.

8K video is suitable for viewing on Apple’s AR / VR headsets, which may be available next year.

The next flagship series, the iPhone 14, lineup will have up to 2TB of storage.

Apple will adopt QLC flash storage for next year’s iPhone, increasing capacity to 2TB thanks to new storage technology.

Internally, the next iPhone will run on iOS 16 and will have a 3,815mAh battery that supports fast charging.

https://www.siasat.com/future-iphone-may-feature-periscope-lens-with-up-to-10x-optical-zoom-2253310/ Future iPhones may have a periscope lens with up to 10x optical zoom

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