Gang violence sets new record for killings in a month – Eye Witness News

Nassau, Bahamas — Police Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary Clayton Fernander confirmed that 22 murders were recorded in the Bahamas last month.

This made March 2022 the most deadly month in the country, with the most murders recorded in the month of May 2012.

At today’s press conference, Fernander said 11 of those cases had been resolved.

Drugs, gang violence, and the emergence of new organized gangs in the Globe area are primarily due to bloodshed.

According to Fernander, the man shot dead while standing by a car in the Hollywood area off Cowpen Road last night was not the intended target.

He said the victims using the vehicle were believed to be the intended target and were not “known to the police” owner.

So far, there have been 43 murders in the Bahamas, according to police secretary Paul Roll.

In response to a question from the media, Roll said while there were reports analyzing the increase in murders. Police are more interested in preventing these killings than in the statistics of these cases. He said drugs, retaliation or “street justice”, and gang violence could result from many of the recent killings.

Continuing the upward trend observed at the end of last year, First quarter murder This year, it surged again compared to the same period of the previous year.

There were a total of 73 murders in 2020. This is the lowest ever in 15 years.

There were 95 murders in 2019, an increase of 4% compared to 91 murders in 2018. This is the worst in almost 10 years at that time.

Last year’s murders totaled 119, an increase of 63% compared to 73 in the previous year. Gang violence sets new record for killings in a month – Eye Witness News

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