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Gantz, Israel hosts Palestinian Abbas at home at a rare meeting

President Abbas and Israeli Defense Minister Gantz have discussed illegal Israeli settlements, economics, security and civilian issues, both officials said.

For more than a decade, there has been no substantive peace talks between Israelis and Palestinians. (TRTWorld)

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said he visited Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz during a rare trip to Israel and said the Gantz department had discussed security and civil issues.

Abbas discussed the creation of a political horizon that would lead to the political resolution of the Middle East conflict decades ago “according to an international resolution.” Palestinian officials talked about Tuesday’s meeting.

“We will continue to promote action to strengthen confidence in the economic and private sector, as agreed at the last meeting,” Gantz told Abbas, according to a statement from the Israeli Ministry of Defense.

“The two men discussed security and civil issues,” the Israeli media reported, adding that the meeting took place at Gantz’s house in Rosh Haayin, central Israel.

In late August, Gantz visited the headquarters of the Palestinian Authority and had a meeting with Abbas. This is the first such level of official meeting in a few years.

However, after these talks, Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said there was no ongoing peace process with Palestine.

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Meeting for “political solution”

“Abbas met with Benny Gantz and addressed the importance of creating a political horizon that would lead to a political solution in accordance with an international resolution,” Palestinian civil minister Hussein Al Sheikh tweeted.

The two also said, ” [illegal] The settlers, and the conference, dealt with many security, economic and humanitarian issues. “

Opposition Likud blamed the latest meeting, saying that “dangerous concessions for Israel’s security were only a matter of time.”

“The Israeli-Palestinian government has put Palestinians and Abbas back on the agenda … it’s dangerous for Israel,” the party added in a statement.

Close relationship

Relations between Israel and the Palestinian Autonomous Government, which is based on the West Bank under Israeli occupation, have deteriorated significantly in recent years.

Likud leader Benjamin Netanyahu during his tenure as Prime Minister from 2009 to 2021, when peace talks were suspended in 2014, while illegal Israeli settlements on the west bank of the occupied Jordan increased. I ignored this issue.

Right-wing Bennett, the former head of the Council for Lobbying Illegal Settlers Against the Palestinian State, will lead the coalition that took over in June.

Negotiations are in the midst of a surge in violence on the West Bank, which has been occupied by Israeli troops since the Six-Day War in 1967.

About 500,000 Jewish settlers live in the occupied West Bank community, which is considered illegal under international law.

In recent weeks, there have been several cases of illegal settlers attacking Palestinians, including stones and other weapons.

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