Garnbrett’s third gold medal at the European Championships

MUNICH – Janja Garnbret won gold in Wednesday’s new Boulder & Lead event. Another Slovenian, Mia Crumple, finished her second.

Garnbrett dominated both the boulder and lead events, so he didn’t miss an opportunity. With her 200 points available in both events, she scored her 199.9 points.

“It definitely feels incredible,” said Garnbrett in his first remarks after the event. .”

Boulder and Reed are a new Olympic sport coming to Paris in two years, and the 23-year-old said she was looking forward to the Olympics.

“It’s definitely better [combined event] in Tokyo. I think she’s good and I think she’s ready,” she said.

Garnbrett, who has already won the bouldering and lead events, finishes the event with three gold medals.

Crumple added a silver medal to Slovenia’s medal tally today.

She was one of the few competitors to take the lead in a surprise bouldering where she came in second. She finished with 180.9 points. Garnbrett’s third gold medal at the European Championships

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