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GCC Labor Ministers’ Council Honors KFH for Excellence in Talent Nationalization

Kuwait: At a special awards ceremony held in Saudi Arabia’s capital Riyadh, the Council of Ministers of Labor and Social Affairs of the GCC countries awarded the Kuwait Finance House for its outstanding achievement in nationalizing human resources and implementing qualification programs at the private sector level in Kuwait. praised. Under the auspices of the Minister of Labor and Social Affairs of the GCC.

Group Chief Human Resources Officer of KFH Zeyad Abdullah Al Omar expressed his joy and happiness at the honor while receiving the plaque of honor. Reiterates its commitment to work with relevant authorities to improve its approach to labor Kuwaitization, to relax the education and occupational levels of the workforce, and to strengthen the role of banks in refreshing expertise in accordance with global standards and competencies. manifest.

Al-Omar chose KFH as the best institution for the nationalization of Kuwait’s labor at the private sector level because of certain factors that allowed KFH to achieve high scores on Kuwaitization and training indicators. Emphasized that it is based on standards and competence. Feedback issued by relevant public authorities.

Minister Fahad Al-Shuryan, Dr. Nayef Al-Hajraf, KFH team and Zeyad Al-Omar

Al-Omar said KFH is proud to have the highest number of Kuwaiti employees at Kuwait’s banking and private sector level. He stressed that Kuwaiti employment over the past few years has ranged from 98% to 100% and that the Kuwaitiization rate has reached 78.2% at the end of the first half of 2022.

Al-Omar confirmed that KFH will continue efforts to increase the level of Kuwaitiization in accordance with regulatory requirements in this regard. He indicated that KFH continues to want Kuwaitis to hold middle and executive level posts, noting that top management leadership in Kuwait has reached 77% for him. Did.

In addition, Al-Omar said KFH has applied transparency, professional workplace policy development, commitment to environmental standards, social values, governance and sustainability as part of improving employee education. By doing so, we have demonstrated that we are making significant progress in meeting our sustainability goals at the human resources level. Strengthen banking principles.

He said KFH continues to focus on strengthening women’s representation in all sectors and participates in bringing the banking and finance expertise of Kuwaiti women, who enjoy a high level of professionalism, to the market. It added that it would add value to the national economy and Kuwaiti society.

He added that some of KFH’s female employees have taken up executive management positions as they have proven their ability to take important and important roles. He said that as of 2022, female representation in KFH chapters is around 35%, while female recruitment in the “Forsa” program is around 53%.

Zeyad Al Omar wins

standards of respect

Honor is based on certain criteria and abilities. Each GCC Member State should, taking into account the types of benefits and benefits applicable in designated institutions, develop nationalization programs, employ a high proportion of state-owned workers, and provide appropriate qualifications and training opportunities for state-owned workers. Nominate a highly advanced and highly proportioned private sector agency that has achieved delivery. Realize stable labor throughout the country.

Regarding the selection process, under the supervision of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, a special committee will be set up in cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce and other interested bodies to review and evaluate the information of the candidate institutions.

awards and recognition

KFH has received numerous awards for its pioneering role and outstanding achievements in the field of human resources. KFH received several awards, including the 2022 ‘Best Advances in Employee Engagement’ and ‘Best Advances in Business Automation’ awards from Brandon Hall Group, a firm that specializes in evaluating and evaluating the performance of banks, corporations and enterprises. It has won several notable and prestigious awards. Institutions around the world through expert research, research and insights dedicated to the field of learning and development. KFH was also awarded the “Top Private Sector Recruiter for National Talent” by the Manpower Administration for its extraordinary efforts in recruiting national talent. KFH has also won the AUM Company Award 2022.

ratios and numbers

– 98%-100% Kuwaiti employment

– 78.2% – Kuwaitiization rate

– 77% – Kuwaiti top management

– 35% – female representatives of KFH branches

– 53% – Recruitment of women in the “Forsa” program

https://www.kuwaittimes.com/council-of-ministers-of-labor-in-gcc-states-honors-kfh-for-its-excellence-in-manpower-nationalization/ GCC Labor Ministers’ Council Honors KFH for Excellence in Talent Nationalization

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