GE15: Fierce battle between two presidents in Jura

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Jirau (Sarawak), November 9 (Bernama) — All eyes are on the race for seats in the Jirau Parliament in this 15th General Election (GE15). GE14.

Datuk Joseph Sarang Gundam, 71, leader of the Sarawak Party (PRS), is a candidate for the Gabungan Sarawak Party (GPS) and has replaced the seat he held between 1999 and 2018 with the Bangsa Malaysia Party (PBM). I’m trying to get it back before it’s taken away. ) President, Datuk Larry Soon @ Larry Sng We Shien, Age 43, GE14.

In addition to the duo, two other candidates, Suhana Abdullah@Susan George, 37, of Parti Bansa Dayak Sarawak (PBDS) and independent candidate Elly Lawai Ngalai, 55, also joined the fray. Winning the hearts and minds of Iban rulers. A constituency with a total of 34,850 electoral votes.

Victory at Jurau would prove to be crucial for Saran to prove his worth as party leader. Shri James Machining said last year, retired teacher Emand Sedau, 59, said.

“GE14 only got 8,174 votes, Sng got only 10,105 votes, so it will be a tough contest for Salang,” he told Bernama.

Emand, who hails from Nanga Ensiling in Jurau and now lives in Sibu, said voters favored a much younger candidate, Sungu, who has assisted them in many ways, especially in terms of funding their children’s education. He said that it appeared to be

Meanwhile, Sarang’s four-term track record, combined with being the GPS candidate who won a landslide victory in Sarawak’s 12th state election, gives him a certain edge over his younger opponents. he said.

“Saran can still do it (to win) because he is on GPS, but two members of the Jurau congressional constituency (Roland Duat Jubin of Meruan and Thanh Seri of Pakan) I couldn’t do it without the support from William Mawan Ikom,” he said.

Meanwhile, Amin Dom, 35, an oil and gas worker in Jurau, said the potential impact of the two independent candidates in this election should not be underestimated.

Ellie Rawai ran as the candidate of the Sarawak Bersatu Party (PSB) for the Muluang seat in the 12th state election and received 4,447 votes, less than 1,000 votes behind the winner, Roland Duat, who received 5,269 votes. I lost. vote.

“From what I’ve gathered, we’re seeing a tremendous amount of improvement on Ellie’s part when it comes to support. He’s expected to follow very closely after the two presidents. Suhana shouldn’t be much of a threat, but losing a lot of votes to her means the slim one has a chance to be the absolute winner,” Amin said.

The Battle of Jurau was also put under the watch of Dr. Jeniri Amir, a senior research fellow on the National Council of Professors. Dr. Jeniri Amir said that current political sentiment on the ground appears to be working in Saran’s favor, judging by the role he played in ensuring that the GPS occupied Meruan. Pakan in the last national election.

He said that apart from being active in Jura since 2018, Sarang has a lot of power and influence.

“GPS has strong leadership and effective grassroots mechanisms. Judging by the last state election, I think the political sentiment on the ground has shifted towards Sarang,” he said.

Meanwhile, Dick Lembang Dugan, a lecturer in social sciences and humanities at the University of Sarawak Malaysia (UNIMAS), said Singh’s political reputation and principles have been at issue since he won the seat as an independent candidate in 2018. claimed to have become

Sng joined the PKR just days after winning the seat, but resigned in February 2021 and became a friendly independent MP before forming the PBM in November of the same year. I was.

“Shin is known as Frog. He changes parties all the time, so I don’t think it’s right for him to fight for any seat. Where are his principles and integrity?” I was.

— Bernama

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