General practitioner surgery that cannot offer face-to-face appointments is named and embarrassed at the league table

General practitioner surgery, which cannot offer face-to-face appointments, will soon be named and embarrassed at the new league table.

Patients can also request appointments directly, as millions of pounds are set to be devoted to the NHS to improve access to the GP.


Patients will soon be able to evaluate their GP in new ways aimed at improving surgery.Credit: Alamy

However, those who cannot provide “appropriate” levels of face-to-face contact are not eligible for new government funding.

Other changes will allow patients to assess GP practice performance via text messages.

This measure may free the GP from bureaucracy and require other parts of the NHS to pay some attention.

This includes giving other healthcare professionals new authority to provide patients with work records or compliance with DVLA checks.

NHS England said measures, including the £ 250m Winter Access Fund, could increase the availability of practitioner practice and increase the number of face-to-face appointments and same-day care.

The NHS cash injection was announced Tuesday amid growing anger that people couldn’t get a direct promise.

This move allows surgeons to pay the Patriarch’s doctors, physiotherapists and specialists to reduce waiting times.

Amanda Pritchard, CEO of the NHS, said:

“NHS England is taking urgent and long-term action to support the GP and its team with additional investment and support.”

GP practice is said to “respect face-to-face care preferences” and gives the community health system more freedom to decide how to address access issues.

Other measures include “strengthening surveillance,” funding to upgrade GP phone lines, publishing spring GP schedule data, and supporting people who do not meet the “appropriate level” of face-to-face meetings.

Despite the closure in August, many people in the UK still do not have access to face-to-face appointments.

In July, 57% of general practitioner appointments across the UK, or 14.6 million, were surgically met. Another 10 million, or 39%, were on the phone and 900,000 were home visits and video calls.

Prior to the pandemic, 8 out of 10 appointments were made directly at the clinic, and critics warned that patients would suffer if they did not return.

Health Minister Sajid Javid said:

“I would also like to thank the GP and his team for their hard work during the most difficult times of living memory.

“Our new plan provides investment and targeted support for the general practice team.”

He said the new measures “work on performance degradation” by relieving staff pressure so that staff can spend more time with patients and increase the number of face-to-face appointments.

“In addition to this, more to tackle abuse and harassment so that staff of general practitioners who work hard to care for patients can do so without fear of their safety. We are taking steps, “he added.

Sajid Javid said:


Sajid Javid said:Credit: Rex

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