GERB Supports Expulsion of “Amateur” Russian

Former Prime Minister and current leader of GERB Boykobolisov

“”The resigned government GERB For the expulsion of Russians Diplomat And staff. There should be no setback. It looks like an amateur, but I was able to do it.

This was stated by a leader with the former Prime Minister GERB Boyko Borissov. “”We support Ukraine. As long as there is a war, things are black and white. Since the Bulgarian government was elected by the people, we support the actions of the Bulgarian government.People chose change, this is it“Borisov said.

“”I advise them not to retreat, that’s all they have, but they have our support.Anything that doesn’t kill us can be fixed, we will fix itBorisov was added.

About Cyrillic PetkovBorisov said: “He went to Congress to take good care of himself, with his typical “fukara”, as my grandmother said, and he whispers – no, no, it’s Not me, it’s Genchovska (Resignation Minister of Foreign Affairs) “.

“”Unlike other political parties, I accept their voters’ choices.In Bulgaria, you are no longer a leader-BSP does not want a leader of “We keep changing” and “We keep changing” does not want a leader of GERB … for me What kind of business is it? It’s not up to me to decide who should be the leader of WCC“Borisov said.

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