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German delegation focuses on business opportunities in multiple sectors of Qatar

The German Near-Middle East Association (NUMOV) aims to explore investment opportunities available in various sectors of Qatar, said NUMOV’s top executives.
A business delegation from Germany will arrive in Doha on January 16th. A delegation meeting with various Qatari companies and other officials will be held until January 17th. Helen Ran, CEO of NUMOV, said. Gulf Times Monday.
According to Rang, delegation members will have investment opportunities in the fields of biotechnology, food industry, education, renewable energy industry, logistics, security, defense, cable technology, glass fiber and further support for FIFA in the future. I am enthusiastic about exploring. This year’s World Cup.
“We also aim to give a talk on German LNG terminals and discuss interesting topics such as special information technology (IT) solutions and chemical products,” Rang further explained.
Mr. Lan emphasized that NUMOV will also bring in a businessman who specializes in marketing events such as the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar by the end of the year.
She states: “As Germany’s oldest and largest non-governmental organization (NGO), we are keen to support bilateral business relations with the entire region. Qatar has always been my personal main purpose. In short, it was to integrate the German and Qatar businesses while incorporating German advanced technology into future Qatar development.
“NUMOV was the first NGO to bring German business to Doha 25 years ago. Since then, we have invited a business delegation every year to support our bilateral business relationship.”
Given the current health limitations of Covid-19, Rang said that only some members of NUMOV would meet in Doha while on a business trip. “As soon as things change, we’ll take a delegation of 28 people to Doha,” she said.
“But due to the coronavirus pandemic, NUMOV also wants to hold a bilateral video conference for each Qatar business representative who is interested in getting all delegation members to participate in a business partnership with Doha. I think.
“In fact, German companies are ready to offer all products and services at the request of Qatar. Bilateral video conferences can be held in a short time. Companies interested in Qatar can visit www. We encourage you to visit numov.de, which allows you to hold bilateral conferences in Doha or via video conferences, “she said.
Mr. Lan praised Qatar’s economic and legal reforms to increase the influx of foreign direct investment (FDI) into Qatar. She emphasized that NUMOV has already notified “all German companies about these reforms”.
“These steps are very important not only for Germany but also for investment. It’s the right way to attract foreign investment in Qatar,” Rang explained, and the conference in Doha will be held for new businesses. I added that it would be done. “We are confident that the agreement will continue soon,” she said.

http://www.gulf-times.com/story/707727/German-delegation-eyes-business-opportunities-in-Q German delegation focuses on business opportunities in multiple sectors of Qatar

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