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German President Frank Walter Steinmeier made an official visit to Bucharest on Wednesday to meet with President Klaus Iohannis at the Cotroceni Palace. The topics discussed by the two heads of state include the security situation in the regions created by Russia’s war against Ukraine, Europe, and the Euro Atlantic, as well as the support of the Republic of Moldova. I did.

The German President also met Romanian Prime Minister Nicolae Ciucę at the Victorian Palace.

“In today’s talks, the privileged bilateral strategic relationship between Romania and Germany is very strong, with multiple challenges, especially from a security perspective, despite the current difficult times. It was reaffirmed that there is a very good outlook. Our economic relations are very close and Germany has been Romania’s first trading partner for many years and a third investment in the Romanian economy. It’s home. “Said President Klaus Iohannis.

He said he had discussed with Frank-Walter Steinmeier “the serious security situation caused by the war with Ukraine in the Russian Federation and its multiple effects.”

“Therefore, we reaffirmed the full support that Romania provides to all refugees from Ukraine coming to our country through concrete measures, including the operationalization of the Humanitarian Logistics Center in Suceava. It is important to continue to support the European Union and its member states for both Ukraine and Ukrainian refugees, and introduced the steps Romania has taken to support the Ukrainian economy, which has been hit hard by the war. This is by facilitating the passage of our Ukrainian products, including food, into the third market. We are also striving to adopt new sanctions on Russia and isolate it internationally. We have addressed the need to continue. The pressure for Russia to stop and end the invasion must be increased. ” The Romanian head of state said.

Klaus Iohannis also reiterated that Romania supported the process of condemning war crimes in Ukraine.

“”Similarly, all war crimes committed by Russian troops must be thoroughly investigated and punished by the International Court of Justice with Romania supporting this process. “Said Johannis.

President Frank-Walter Steinmeier’s visit will be held on April 21, 1992, to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty between Romania and Germany on friendly cooperation and partnership in Europe. This is a symbolic framework document of modern history. Bilateral relations. Statement from Cheong Wa Dae.

“The talks between the Romanian and German presidents are concrete to develop and deepen the relationship between Romania and Germany, which has a strategic character defined by very active political and diplomatic dialogue, ever-growing economic dynamics and special interpersonal relationships. Contact. Promoted by the German minority in Romania and the growing Romanian community in Germany. Germany was Romania’s first trading partner, totaling 35 billion in 2021. With exchanges above the euro and the third largest investor in the Romanian economy, the heads of both countries also talk about the prospects for strengthening economic cooperation between the two countries, while at the same time promoting mutual investment and sectoral cooperation. We will also discuss deepening. “Read the press release issued by the President of Romania before the meeting.

Frank Walter Steinmeier and Klaus Iohannis “Development of security in the region, Europe, and the Euro-Atlantic caused by an illegal attack on Ukraine by the Russian Federation. The heads of both countries, in context, support Ukraine and Ukrainian refugees, energy security, Discuss measures to strengthen deterrence and defense on the eastern side of the North Atlantic Alliance, regional and European position coordination, and preparations for the summit. NATO in Madrid. At the same time, support for European integration on the agenda. It includes issues related to the active and comprehensive support needed in the current regional situation by neighboring countries of the European Union, especially the Republic of Moldova, Georgia and the Western Balkan countries.“The presidential administration also notified.

Then, on the Prime Minister’s agenda, the German President will meet with Prime Minister Nicolae Ciucę at the Victoria Palace. German President of Bucharest meets Romanian President, Prime Minister – Romanian Journal

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