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German pub owners boycott Qatar World Cup game telecast.

Some pub owners in Germany will not show the upcoming Qatar World Cup matches, saying they made the decision “from an ethical point of view” given the Gulf nation’s record on human rights. Reuters report.

Qatar, the first country in the Middle East to host a World Cup, is under international pressure over its treatment of foreign workers and restrictive social laws.

Concerns over the country’s human rights record have led to calls for teams and officials to boycott games at the tournament from 20 November to 18 December.

“Too many human rights have been violated. From an ethical point of view, it cannot be justified,” said Fanny Delaune, owner of Bonn’s ‘Babel’ sports bar. Reuters.

Anyway, some will understand it, some will see it, but in the end, it’s my bar and my decision.

Tobias Epping, who owns the “Die Wache” bar, does the same.

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“Not just me, but my patrons, whom I asked them to vote on Facebook and Instagram, decided not to watch the World Cup when they said ‘enough’,” he said.

“The number of workers killed has exceeded 15,000. Stadiums are air-conditioned at a time like this and you can’t even drink beer. For me, a bar owner, that’s obviously part of it.” No, we can no longer support it.

“From an economic standpoint, was this a wise decision? Probably not. But at least I can go to the bar with a clean conscience…”

A female fan, who did not share her name, said she supported the boycott.

“Even if Qatar had great stadiums and highly paid workers, it would be silly to host the World Cup in the winter anyway.

“But in this case it’s totally unacceptable. I don’t feel like watching and I fully support the boycott. I won’t watch.”

https://www.middleeastmonitor.com/20221101-pub-owners-in-germany-to-boycott-telecast-of-qatar-world-cup-games/ German pub owners boycott Qatar World Cup game telecast.

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