German Red Cross urgently calls for blood donation in Berlin –

On the weekend of Pentecost, the German Red Cross (DRK) reminded Berliners of the urgency of blood donations.

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Currently, less than two days is sufficient for the available blood stockpile, but five days is ideal, DRK Blood Donation Services Northeast has informed Deutsche Presse. More blood donations are urgently needed to ensure a complete supply to patients in the summer.

Holidays adversely affect blood donation

The Northeastern Blood Transfusion Service, which covers the states of Berlin, Brandenburg, Hamburg, Saxony and Schleswig-Holstein, believes that there are several reasons for the safety of the supply at stake. For example, demand from clinics is still very high, making up for postponed treatment in addition to returning to normal surgery. The fact that many holidays and people are moving again also affects the amount of blood donations.

Blood donation required 600 times a day in Berlin and Brandenburg

In addition, due to corona infection, those who wish to donate may not be able to donate temporarily. The fact that the shelf life of the resulting blood products is as short as a few days to five weeks makes the situation even more difficult. According to blood transfusion services, Berlin and Brandenburg alone require about 600 blood donations daily to ensure a complete supply. Experts mentioned numerous regular blood donation days and special days in Berlin on Monday at Pentecost. As a general rule, any healthy person over the age of 18 and weighing 50 kg or more can donate.

“Blood donation saves lives”

The Berlin Medical Association also recently upheld the DRK’s complaint and called on Berliners to donate blood. Although the current blood donation rate in the capital is up to 30% lower than normal, a single blood donation can help up to three seriously ill or injured people. “Blood donation saves lives,” explained Peter Bobart, president of the Medical Association. Those who are allowed to donate blood and can donate blood should do so.

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Date of issue: June 5, 2022

Last updated: June 5, 2022

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