Germany fearless ahead of the 2022 European Women’s Championship quarter-final clash with Austria

Brentford [UK]July 21 (ANI): Germany “can’t be afraid of failure,” manager Martina Fosteklenburg prepares to face Austria on July 21 in the 2022 European Women’s Championship quarterfinals. Said that.

The eight Euro winners are preparing to face neighboring Austria in the quarter-final tournament. Germany is a favorite for winning matches and tournaments as a whole, but Austria surprised everyone with the performance they booked on the quarterfinal stage of the tournament.

“We need to play the game. We can’t be afraid of failure. Instead, we need the courage to win and show quality. There is a great chance to reach the semifinals, but this is not a specific headline. I did. To this euro. “

Austria is the lowest ranked team in the tournament and can be considered a weak player in the match, but they are not the team to sleep on.

“It’s a sensation that we’re back in the top eight teams in Europe,” said Austrian manager Irene Fuhrmann.

“There is another chance to play against one of the best teams in this tournament. Like England, Germany is demonstrating how consistent they are. They haven’t acknowledged the goal yet. It’s It will be an incredible challenge, “she added.

This is the second euro in history to make its debut in 2017. He performed very well in the tournament that reached the semi-finals, but lost to Denmark with a penalty.

“We are always very careful in both the analysis of our opponents and the analysis of our match. It’s the first time we’ve played against Germany on such a big stage, so we’re really looking forward to it. I’m very excited to see what we can do. “

The winner of this match will advance to the semi-final stage of the tournament, where they will face the winner of the Belgium-Sweden match at Lee Sports Village on Friday night.

Earlier, England won a 2-1 comeback against the dominant side of Spain and booked their spot in the semi-finals of the tournament. (ANI) Germany fearless ahead of the 2022 European Women’s Championship quarter-final clash with Austria

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